What should I have done? (This thread has boobs folks!)

My neighbors have free use of my pool. (In return their kid mows my lawn)

I was about to go out for a dip today but I was stopped dead in my tracks as the wife next door was sunbathing out there topless!! :eek:

I’m 99.99% sure she thought I was at work because my truck was in the shop getting some work done.

So what did I do? Yes, I got me a good eyeful, did an about face and watched TV instead. I didn’t want to go out there and embarrass her.

The husband and I are good friends. Can’t say for sure but I seriously doubt he gives a shit that I saw his wife topless. I’m just debating with myself if I should say something. Like “Hey ya’ know I have a crazy schedule so be careful with the nude sunbathing?” Or something to that effect?

Not sure exactly where the high road is here.

I say just ignore it, as nothing good will come of it.

Worst case scenario: the husband freaks out and thinks you were peeping on his wife.

I agree, no point in saying anything and making everyone uncomfortable. You could casually mention in the future if/when you’ll be home on work days so as to avoid a repeat occurrence. I’m more concerned about the neighbor kid using power equipment on your property and swimming in your pool…do you have an umbrella policy?

Yeah, the question of insurance is good one as far folks swimming in your pool, whether your home or not, but personally, I wouldn’t be comfortable with anyone swimming in the pool when I was away.

Walk right out there! Act like nothing’s unusual. Ask her if she wants a drink. What’re they gonna do? You can’t be accused of peeping then.

Take pictures.

Enjoy the view you got and pretend it never happened.

Look, if she did this once and didn’t realize Shakes was there, why wouldn’t she do it again? I’d assume she will. So what’s he gonna do then? Keep on hiding and pretending? Then what happens that time when she, or her husband coming around the corner, spots the googly eyes in the window?

No, much better to act like, you know, he lives there.

I would have made it look like I was talking on the phone really loud announcing my entrance and hopefully she notices and covers up.

Yeah, keep quiet. That’s not a bug, it’s a feature!


You saw nothing. Nothing at all. No neighbor, no pool, no neighbor’s breasts.

If you must interact with her while she happens to be topless, please make sure you develop a serious case of transient tuberculosis as you are walking over, but before you can see her. The louder and more distressing your cough is, the better. Once she’s aware someone is on their way over, you can allow the tuberculosis to die a natural death.

Presumedly his truck will soon be back from the shop and Mrs Neighbour will be able to tell when Shakes is home and will keep the girls under cover.

If she starts sunbathing topless when she knows Shakes is home, we’ve got a whole new situation.

Cup size?

These two. This is how I handle all unexpected nudity or behaviors I assume were meant to be private.

Heck, I might even go back to the house, and then come back and do the loud talking thing. Seeing as I can blow out candles from 5 yards away, I can definitely be loud enough!

What’s the hang up people? It’s just boobs.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You should describe them, and her, to us in detail.

Are you sure she didn’t do that on purpose?

Because all of the movies* have chicks causally and ‘innocently’ sunbathing nude before they start shagging their neighbors.

*Entertain me, okay?

I would weigh the pros and cons of weekly oil changes for that truck.