My neighbor keeps getting naked!

Tonight she rubbed her boobs and, for some reason, bent over away from the window. She takes off her clothes in front of her window all the time apparently unaware that if your lights are on and it is dark outside it’s like a damn peep show.

I’ve seen this a few times a month since this summer as I walk my dog in the evening. Her house is at the end of my block and across the street and is set so that when you walk up my block you are facing her (what I assume to be) bedroom windows. I don’t want you to think I’m a peeping tom - I don’t even slow down but I can’t help but look!

The first time I was like, “I think…that lady…OH SHIT”. Now it’s just a cheap occasional thrill on my walk.

I just had to share.

Surely you don’t think this is actually the case.

If you really wanted to share, there would be pictures. :smiley:
What Ellen Cherry said.

Apparently so did she.

I told this story to a friend of mine and he came over to walk my dog every evening for almost a week.

One word.


Obligatory Onion link.

I once had a neighbor whose daughter would sneak her boyfriends in late at night. Found this out when I heard kids standing in the street looking up. Had to install blinds for peace of mind.

So…is she hot?

How could you have made this thread without a description of her looks? WTF?

Under the circumstances, are you suggesting there was a point at which he was expected to shift his eyes above the neck?

Oh, and, two words: Telephoto lens.

…kids? She had more than one waiting at a time? You installed blinds so the teeming hundreds couldn’t see into your house? Does she have a book deal yet?

Yeah - her body looks pretty good. Blonde-ish brunette, late 30’s early 40’s. Slim build. I’ve only met her in person twice - once she was drunk - she’s pretty I guess. Kind of looks squinty. Sort of like she just sucked a lemon or something.

You installed blinds so you wouldn’t be tempted to look?

Man, my neighborhood is boring in comparison. My neighbors, trust me, you wouldn’t *want *to see naked.

It’s actually possible. When I was a teenager, we briefly lived in a town house complex and coming home one evening from a movie my sister and I saw a neighbor disrobing to get into his PJs. My sister had just happened to glance that way and made a “YEEP!” noise and I looked up just in time to see him bend over and peel off his undies, ass facing the window.

He had a bamboo blind and was apparently unaware that when the room was lit from the inside, though the blind made look solid from his perspective, it was as see-through as a screen door from the outside.

My mom spoke to his wife who came outside to see the effect for herself and was mortified. My mom claimed we had not seen any nekkidness, and she has a sense of humor so she had made some kind of joke about the husband putting on a show for the back courtyard, rathr than make it sound like the guy was doing something lewd (which he wasn’t).

Same here, 'cept they wouldn’t want to see us nekkid, either.

Several years back, I was living in an apartment which initially looked out over a nice cornfield. About a year or two in, they started building a subdivision and they build two story homes a few yards from the complex I lived in. There was a house built where the bathroom was at the same level as my patio.

One night, I was sitting in my apt watching tv – minding my own business. The blinds were open because it was a nice night and I was enjoying the last rays of light coming in while I watched TV. For some reason, I glanced out the window directly into their bathroom and due to the placement of their very large mirror was “treated” to see the naked (from the waist up) pregnant wife! Being female, it’s not exactly what I want to see.

One other day I was “treated” to naked sort-of-overweight husband. Ugh.

I can’t tell you how tempted I was to take a note over there that asked them to PLEASE put up some curtains or something! I was at sort of an angle, I cant imagine what kind of horrors the people in the next building who were directly across from them must have seen.

Ahh, yes. This brings back memories of my nightly army crawls into the kitchen for a snack. God I hate living in apartment complexes. At least I wasn’t the ground floor. Nowdays, I could literally jog around my yard in the nude and nobody would see. Possibly some hunters would this week, but that’s their problem.

Well, I do have the high schooler next door who has her friends over to play on the trampoline. Not exactly sure why they feel the water and soapsuds are necessary - imagine it has to do with keeping tramps clean.