My fat neighbor is peeking in on me again.

The fat sloppy bitch does it all the time when my girlfriend is at work.

I wonder if i could get her arrested for being a daylight peeker?

She weighs way over 300lbs

How is her weight related to her peeking in on you??

Do you live in Canada? If so, I have a suggestion.

I closed the blinds but shes still peeking thru them

Those two actions are mutually exclusive. Try again.

So…alounacara. Did you lurk much before you signed up here? What led you here? Cuz you’re not really feeling like one of us. I don’t mean that in an unwelcoming way but, well, as regards spelling, logic, birthiness…you’re kind of on the other side of the fence compared to those who don’t get pitted regularly. Just sayin.

I did not lurk at all

At what weight would peeking at you be permissible?

Also, just to be clear, are we talking “standing right outside your window”, in which case you might indeed want to get the police involved, or “visible inside her house across the street”, in which case it appears you may be doing some peeking of your own.

Actually, why don’t you just go over there, introduce yourself, and say, “Just thought you’d like to get a better look at all this awesomeness”, then report back on what happens next?

You guys are actually seriously responding? This place has got to be a troll’s wet dream, I swear.

It’s almost if someone signed up on the SDMB with the sole intention to start a wannabe inflammatory thread just to rile up the guppies.

Naah, that can’t be it…

Sorry, can’t hear you all that well over those damned bees…

The OP needs to get together with the guy who was convinced his neighbor on the above floor was “following” him throughout his apartment.

Boy you guys play rough in here

I’ll start speaking in flashcards like Wile E. Coyote. :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, I heartily endorse your suggestion: ““Just thought you’d like to get a better look at all this awesomeness”, then report back on what happens next?”

I resent that. I’m a bit eccentric sometimes, sure. Maybe a bit goofy at times, but I’ve never intentionally started a fight here!

If she wants to look give her something to look at.

You should “Rear Window” this Mrs Kravitz

If you honestly think this thread is rough, you clearly haven’t lurked here any.

Invite her in, give her some cake. I bet she would do a few things…for you.

Are you kidding? This thread is comedy gold.

Living in this complex world of the future is not unlike having bees live inside your head.