My fat neighbor is peeking in on me again.

Inigo, would you like to borrow my copy of 101 Ways to Start a Fight?

What the fux that supposed to mean?!

Yeah, the MPSIMS crowd has some pretty rough customers. I suggest you start a thread in the BBQ Pit about fat people, or bitchy waitresses expecting tips. The regulars there will be much nicer to you.

There’s always the old standby of stuck up bitches not being into nice guys like our OP here.

alounacara, welcome to the SDMB.

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twickster, for the SDMB

: flips through book :

#47, gratuitous profanity. Got ya – you bastard. Care to step outside?

I think we should agree on some sort of threshold weight at which it is acceptable to peek at people. Here is something to get us started.
<100lbs - probably a child, or one of those creepy skinny people - may not peek.
100lbs-150lbs - most likely one of those weird people obsessed with their body fat percentage - may not peek.
150lbs-200lbs - perfect peeking weight, may even use binoculars and night vision goggles.
200lbs-250lbs - either grotesquely muscle bound or too fat or too tall - may not peek.
250lbs-300lbs - even worse then the previous group - definitely may not peek.
300lbs> - upsets alounacara - may not peek under the penalty of death.

Why certainly, sir. Say…those wouldn’t be Scubapro Seawing Novas, would they?

Woohoo! Now, just let me get on my peekin’ shoes. Where’s that binocular?

Sorry i was not aware i was breaking the rules

Don’t be a spoilsport, man. This is the best thread I’ve seen today. How’d it turn out with you and your “visionary?”

I just took the trash out and she went back home

Maybe she’s convinced that your gorgeous blonde wife is a witch.

How did you know she was a blonde?

Its like checked luggage at the airport. Up to 250 lbs is okay, but anything above that and you have to pay a surcharge, and then you’re permitted to peep. Unless you’re flying Spirit, then you have to weigh nothing.

How’d you get a fat chick to hang around your house?

Piece of cake


This made me snort out loud. :smiley:

That is an EXCELLENT idea!

Your neighbor’s been telling me all about her. :wink:

(And, I’m wondering if the “Bewitched” reference went over your head.)

Okay, I’m not a bitch. I can’t help it if the fat gives me an incredible rack.

But I am sloppy. I do my best, but sometimes the Cheetos just don’t make it into my mouth, ya know? Luckily my gut catches them so instead of reaching for the bag all I have to do is reach down.

And I thought you liked it when I looked in your window. Yes, you close the blinds, but then you look through them like a game of peek-a-boo. Haha, peek-a-boo, I SEE YOU!

That’s got to be a record. I knew someone was gonna chime in about the fat comment. But not that quick.