'Emma Watson Is Going to Brown!'

Okay, instead of my usual “Is she Jeremy Irons’ long lost daughter or is she his clone?” question, I will proffer one of my favorite The Simpsons quotes:

*Skinner: Mmmm, Brown. Heckuva school. Weren’t you at Brown, Otto?

Otto: Yup. Almost got tenure, too.*

ETA, but too late: My brother (Johns Hopkins '72) swore he could get me, a fuckoff who couldn’t get into Illinois, into Harvard. I looked at the loans he had accumulated in the previous 3.5 (going on 4) years, thought about how hard I’d have to work when faced with real competition, saw that getting tossed out after two years would leave me massively in debt, and went with a Land Grant teachers school that had a 75-25 female to male ratio. Except it was closer to 50-50 when I started there.

That’ll be great for her in one respect. The UK paparazzi will get bored hanging around Providence, and go back to New York. All she has to worry about, as she feared, are fans harassing her. Most of them will get used to her quickly.

Seems odd to go to the East Coast unless she intends to take off her college years from acting (and possibly not go into the profession as an adult.)

I haven’t seen the more recent films. Anyone have an opinion on whether she’d have the acting chops to break into the adult market?*

  • No, not that adult market.

Didn’t both Jodie Foster and Brooke Shields both take time off to go to college and pretty much put their careers on hold during that time? Didn’t seem to hurt either of their careers by doing so.

And Natalie Portman graduated from Harvard in 2003.

Twould seem my actress stalker quotient is lacking.

Unlike her co-stars, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, Watson seems disinterested in a career as an actress.

A timely interview with Simpsons writer Ian Maxtone-Graham:

Radcliff and Grint are interested in careers as actresses?

I’d like to make a career out of actresses - dating them.

I think Emma Watson is fine as an actress.

Rivers Cuomo from Weezer went to Harvard off and on during the last 10 years or so. Not sure if he got a degree or not. The Harvard library is mentioned in a song off their last album.

How can you get bored hanging around Providence?

Oh,yeah … never mind.

Ah well, we got used to having Amy Carter around. I’m sure we’ll adapt to this.

There were 2 or 3 movies made not long ago about the president’s daughter going off to college and trying to lead a normal student life with the Secret Service around. In one of them they had the SS agent under cover and of course he falls in love with her.

He does seem like a real nice guy. There was a time when I (like many) criticized him for ruining the show, but most of his newer episodes- including the “Da Vinci Code” spoof mentioned, which is their Emmy nominee this year- were pretty good.

Me, too! :wink:

She was on *Late Nite with David Letterman *recently and she talked about going to college. She is apparently quite studious–not unlike Hermione–and sounds pretty serious about her education, so it’s not surprising that she may put acting on hold for a few years.

She did say that she is interested in a future in acting, though.

Providence is lovely. I would still be there if I could have gotten a date. Terrific Italian groceries, a pretty good university bookstore, RISD, beautiful old houses, the Athenaeum, lots of wonderful Cambodian diners, active arts and music scene, easy access to Boston, entertaining accents to mock, Newport–what’s not to like?

They view it as a challenge–a way to stretch their skills.
I know someone who goes to Brown and I know someone who teaches at Brown. If she takes German Lit, who knows? I may be two degrees of separation from Emma Watson. That and $3 will get me a cup of coffee. :slight_smile:

My young daughters are heartbroken that their cousin graduated from Brown a year ago, eliminating any chance that he’d meet Hermione, fall in love, marry her, facilitating them getting her autograph. Especially when I pointed out their cousin is a redhead, just like Ron.

Isn’t one of Prince Andrew’s daughters also coming over here to attend one of the Ivys?