Emmy Nominations In

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Allow me to go ahead and register my complaint that House didn’t get any individual nominations (although it did get a nod for best Drama Series). Surely Hugh Laurie or Omar Epps deserved something?

Well, I’m glad to see Shatner up for another award. It’ll be a tough year for him, though, opposite Alan Alda and Oliver Platt.

No Veronica Mars, no Battlestar (seriously, where’s the love for Aaron Douglas?) and no Hugh Laurie nom makes me wonder if the Emmy nominating crowd even watches TV.

Ah, well.

It kinda sucks that Deadwood wasn’t eligible.

Cursory glance, some real shockers:

Drama Series: Nice to see House here, though it’s missing virtually everywhere else (no acting, writing, or directing nods). Also a surprise to see no 6FU in its last year. Given a soft showing by The Sopranos, might this be 24’s year?

Comedy Series: Again, Scrubs is here but virtually absent anywhere else (no acting, writing, or directing nods). 2.5 Men?!?!? Over Earl and Entourage? Sigh. Arrested seems unlikely to repeat, so I’d say The Office has the edge.

Actor/Drama: Martin Sheen and Christopher Meloni over Hugh Laurie! I suspect Sheen’s in simply because he’s never won for WW and this is his last chance. I’ve only seen a couple SVU’s but have never been impressed with Meloni–he must have submitted an episode where he had some major breakdown or something. Nice to see Dennis Leary there (as well as Keifer, another who’s gone home repeatedly empty-handed).

Actress/Drama: Hooray for Kyra Sedgwick! She’s absolutely terrific and am glad it didn’t get forgotten since it’s more a summer series. And please-oh-please don’t let Janney win. Enough is enough. A bit of a surprise that no Sopranos attention here.

Actor/Comedy: Charlie Sheen over Jason Lee! Grrrr. Glad to see Carrell in there, natch, and also glad to see some King of Queens love. It’s been constantly ignored where I’ve always thought it was better than it’s schedule-mate Raymond.

Actress/Comedy: Never saw The Comeback but Kudrow did get tons of raves, despite the show being cancelled. This is also Kaczmarek’s last shot at an Emmy for MitM.

SuppActor/Drama: Lost is MIA, but hooray for Itzin! It’s been ages since anyone besides Keifer got an acting nod for the show, but he completely deserved it. And as cute as Shatner’s Denny Crane is, it’s time to give that baby a rest, too. And Santos may have won the election, but it’s Vinick who’s gotten all the awards attention.

SuppActress/Drama: Hooray for Jean Smart! So 24’s First Couple are both in (though this is the only Drama category that doesn’t have a POTUS nominated). Excellent. I don’t watch Grey’s or Huff so can’t say much about the nominees.

SuppActor/Comedy: Hooray for Will Arnett! Arrested’s only acting nominee. Still, I’ve got to root for Cranston, who’s always been the funniest thing about Malcolm and who’s also gone home empty-handed year after year. Really sorry to see no love for any of the Office clan, or Ethan Suplee from Earl.

SuppActress/Comedy: Hooray for Jaime Pressly! Earl’s only acting nod. No Jessica Walter, though. After a dozen nominations, this is Woodard’s first in the Comedy category (and also the only regular acting nod for Housewives); she’s also in the TV Movie/Miniseries category.

Guest Actor/Drama: Lost’s only acting nod, for Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond. David Kelly shows always do great in this category, so Michael J. Fox might have an edge, though ER victims do well, too, so maybe James Woods (I like them both, so I’ve got no dog in this hunt).

Guest Actress/Drama: More Grey’s and Huff. I think Patricia Clarkson’s the best actress of the bunch, but I don’t get HBO so I’m at a loss there, too.

GuestActor/Comedy: Leslie Jordan is always a riot on W&G, and I didn’t see either of those Extras episodes, but it’s nice to see Patrick Stewart listed. And Martin Sheen scores another nod in his son’s series (maybe Donald should appear on 24; he struck out for C-in-C this year, though he did get a TV movie nod).

Guest Actress/Comedy: I did see Winslet’s Extras episode, and she was really good. So was Metcalf in Monk. Danner & Leachman are usual suspects here.

Writing/Comedy: This is the only place Ricky Gervais shows up. The 5 here (including Arrested, Earl, Office and Entourage) is a far preferable list to the 5 Comedy nominees.

Animated Series: SP’s infamous closet episode shows up here. The Simpsons usually scores some music or voice recognition, but this year, it’s just here.

Colbert & Stewart: They’re head to head in 3 categories: Variety program, Directing (Variety program) & Writing (Variety program). But Colbert got an Individual performance nod (as well as a Daily Show writing nod), while Stewart gets bumped for…Barry Manilow? Eesh.

Late Night: Conan & Letterman = 5, Ferguson = 1, Leno = 0

SNL: The Steve Martin & Jack Black episodes score nods.

For 24 fans, here are the episodes recognized:

7-8AM (direction, editing, sound mixing)
9-10AM (editing)
9-10PM (cinematography, sound editing, stunt coordination)
6-7AM (music)


12 24
11 Grey’s Anatomy
9 Lost, Six Feet Under
8 Rome
7 Boston Legal, Sopranos
6 West Wing

11 Will & Grace
7 Desperate Housewives, 2 1/2 Men
5 Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, My Name is Earl, The Office, Weeds

I can’t say I know the first thing about any of the miniseries or TV movies, so I didn’t mention any of them (though Denis Lawson, Wedge from the original Star Wars films, scored a nod for Bleak House).