Emmylou Harris appreciation thred

When I was 16 I bought her Luxury Liner album and it has been a favorite over the last 40 years, As was her greatest hits album. For some stupid reason I never bought any of her other albums. But watching Ken Burns Country Music, she was featured. Dwight Yoakum and others talking about her influence.

And silvered haired Emmylou is still one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

Here she is with Steve Earle singing Steve’s song “Goodbye”. It’s about a drug addict who lost a relationship.

None better.

I haven’t seen the Ken Burns doc. But I agree that Emmylou Harris is amazing.

I first heard her songs on country radio in the early 1970s. I wasn’t old enough to understand “Queen of the Silver Dollar”. I later discovered her collaboration with Graham Parsons. And then a little later, there was her work with Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt on “Trio”.

And yes, she is still breathtakingly beautiful.

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Here she is with Steve Earle singing Steve’s song “Goodbye”. It’s about a drug addict who lost a relationship.


Thanks for that. I love Steve Earle and know this song, but not with Emmylou. Was this on Austin City Limits?

Watch the doc. It’s very good.

I think that was from an English TV show- but I could be wrong.
ETA Again: Emmylou released her own version of that song. Lots of Emmylou fans are surprised to learn that it’s a Steve Earle song.

I still debate to this day which is my favorite album cover, Emmylou and Luxury Liner or Linda Rondstat Heart Like a Wheel.

FWIW, whenever I hear that album title, I always remember the line from Paul McCartney’s 1973 song “Let Me Roll It”: ‘I can’t tell you how I feel, my heart is like a wheel’ (from “Band on the Run”)

A dormmate turned me on to Emmylou with Elite Hotel. I’ve loved her ever since.

Shallow, shallow guy that I am…she has been and is a remarkably attractive woman. Yeah, she can sing and play and has had a great career doing that. Won the genetic lottery on top of everything.

You are not shallow, or maybe you are. And maybe I am. If she weren’t so beautifull, would we love her so much? How many albums would have an ugly Linda Rondstatdt sold?

I was fortunate enough to see Gram Parsons with Emmylou at Oliver’s in Boston in 1973. Two nights in a row.

I think Burpo The Wonder Mutt and I both agree on this.

Stone Silver Fox.

I am not the biggest country music fan around. But I can say without reservation that Emmylou Harris is a tremendous talent with a once in a generation voice, a true national treasure.

I particularly recommend her all acoustic live album At The Ryman.

Her rendition of Hard Times Come Again No More (an old old American song by Stephen Foster) never fails to bring a tear to my eye.

I love Emmylou Harris. Learned to appreciate her through her work with Gram Parsons and later checked out her solo albums. Let’s not forget that besides her astounding solo work, she’s one of the most industrious collaborators and background/duet singers in the business. I have tons of albums by others she sang on, some of the biggest names in music, and she graces every song she’s involved with.

Her rendition of “Poncho and Lefty” still makes me shiver.

Roses in the Snow is my favorite Emmylou album. There’s some really old bluegrass standards on it. Tony Rice and Ricky Skaggs play on the album.

Gold Watch and Chain was originally recorded by the Carter Family.

Emmylou’s version of Wayfaring Stranger is one of the best I’ve heard.

I was aware of Emmylou Harris for most of my life, but probably couldn’t have named one song of hers; we weren’t much into Country music where I grew up. Then she did “All the Roadrunning” with Mark Knopfler, and I fell, hard. What a supremely gorgeous voice! Saw them on their live tour together and she was absolutely magical in person.

I’ll play in the shallow end for a moment. Perhaps it’s because I came late in life to the Emmylou bandwagon, but I actually think she’s grown more attractive with age. The fact that I’m now in my 50s probably influences my view, though. :smiley:

Only know here from “All the Roadrunning” and also saw them on tour, mainly due to Mark Knopfler. Glad I went and I still enjoy the album, but haven’t heard anything else of hers. Love her hair.