Empire Earth question

This is going to sound remarkable stupid, but can someong give me some basic pointers for this game? When I play the training missions, important things like granaries and docks are right there for me to click on. When I get into an actual game I get barracks, towers, houses, and temples… but nothing for me to get food with!

Needless to say, by the time I get rock throwers the computer’s already in the bronze age. Battles are short.

Heh, to get food you can either make fishing boats and direct them to schools of fish, have your workers harvest shrubs, or build a granary. When you build a granary it’ll have a bunch of areas around it with outlines. Send a worker to build on it and it’ll make a farm. One worker to each farm and if I remember right you can have a total of eight. They never run out, and are fairly cheap to build if they get destroyed.

To mine ore, build a mining camp near the ore deposit, and send some workers to go hack at it. Two or three is usually all I use, but that’s just me.

Trees, just build a lumber mill near them and send 39427349238 workers to chop em, 'cause it takes forever to get wood.

Can’t give you any real tactic help, I’m not the greatest player at RTS games, and the computer usually gives me a good run for my money.