Endow a Chair at C.A.U.!

Now you too can designate an endowed chair on the faculty of Cecil Adams University! Join this effort to bring America the scholarship it craves.

Designate the subject matter of your chair and the patron after whom it will be named. Presently these chairs are in place:

[li]Slug Signorino Chair of Figure Drawing[/li][li]Jack T. Chick Chair of Catholic Theology[/li][li]Marcus and Michele Bachman Chair of Gay Studies[/li][li]Duane Gish Chair of Evolutionary Biology[/li][li]Rupert Murdoch Chair of Journalistic Ethics[/li][/ul]

Add your own!!

Orly Taitz Chair of Constitutional Law

Michael Jackson Chair of Child Development

Keith Richards Chair of Recreational Pharmacology

Willie Nelson Chair of Tax Policy

Jack Dean Tyler Chair of Sexuality

The Francesco Schettino Chair of Marine Operations

The John Holmes chair of endowment.

The Jenny McCarthy Professor of Public Health.

The Sarah Palin Chair of Public Policy and Political Science