Engagement ring design opinions please

Can I get y’alls reaction to this engagement ring design.


My first reaction is that it’s genius. It’s elegant and sleek. It doesn’t look it would have snagging problems like a traditionally set solitaire does.

It allows the gemstone to be viewed from more angles.

What do you think?

I don’t like it. It’s too sleek and modern for my taste. But if you like it, and the person who would be wearing it likes it, go for it.

It’s somewhat similar to my engagment ring, and I love it (mine and yours - mine is more rounded around the edge of the diamond but a similar idea). Jim and I agreed a high-set solitaire was just asking for trouble for someone whose hands are always flailing about, injuring me and others. :slight_smile:

It’s beautiful -
I think that there’s only one thing to be concerned about - this mounting (a tension mount) can make it difficult/impossible to resize the ring. So, be sure to get the size correct!

I, personally, do not want a diamond ring. I would prefer a plain gold band, or perhaps a pretty colored gemstone. I also really like filigree. This band is sort of sleek and cold to my eyes.

All that matters is that you like it. Go out and find the prettiest ring you can find and don’t give one thought to what other people think. That’s what I did, and I ended up with a very unconventional ring (high carat gold, sapphire instead of diamond) but every time I look at it I can’t keep myself from thinking “wow, that’s the most amazing ring I’ve ever seen.”

Exactly the sort of information I am missing. Thank you!

When I tried tension mounts (7 years ago) I found that the amount of gold they had to use to make the mount stable was nearly twice as thick as most other rings. This made it very uncomfortable, spreading out the fingers on either side of my ring finger.

That said, it’s a beautiful ring.

That looks remarkably like mine and I love it. I work with my hands and a normal setting would get in the way, this ring has yet to snag on anything.

I did have mine resized without a problem, but you might want to ask about that before buying it to confirm.

I looked at tension setting rings, like the one you linked to, when we were “ring shopping”, but the inability to have them sized kind of turned me off to the idea.

Like featherlou, I tend to be a hand flailer and constantly bump my hands into stuff (what can I say, I’m clumsy). I decided on this setting. It has turned out to be really sturdy ring, protecting the stone with “beefier” prongs while still letting light to the stone.

Lots of jewelry stores have similarly designed settings for way less than Tiffany’s :wink:

Here’s featherlou’s ring. You can’t quite see the horseshoe shape of the ring, but it helps it sit properly on the finger without it spinning all the time. You can see the white gold inlay around the diamond and the half-bezel setting, with the diamond flushed down into the bezel so it doesn’t scratch anybody by accident, but still visible from the sides so you get a good look at the diamond.

My engagement ring is almost exactly the same as the OP’s photo, except done in yellow gold. The pros of the design are that it allows a good view of the diamond from all angles, it doesn’t snag on anything, and the design itself is fairly uncommon but quite pretty. The only con I have experienced is that the ring is quite a bit thicker on the sides than the average engagement ring, so it feels a little bit odd for awhile and takes a little bit of getting used to.

Hope so! gulp

Thank you featherlou and Dread Pirate Jimbo for showing your ring. It’s lovely!

I have a couple of questions into that website. I’ll see what they say!

I love tension set mountings. We almost went with one for mine.

Here’s a whole bunch of tension mount designs. Some look more contemporary, while others look rather traditional. I lurv this one. Yum. And this one is wicked cool.

That last one is very nice. It reminds me a bit of my wedding ring (but no jewel, I’m a guy). Yes, it’s a moebius ring.

Of course (as has already been said), get the one that you like best.

If you haven’t already, check out the forums at Pricescope. There are tons of people who eat, sleep, and breathe engagement rings there. They can tell you everything you want to know about a particular setting, and the forum archives are a great resource. Plus, they post a lot of pictures so there’s plenty of eye candy!

This tension-mount business is new to me, and I have to say it’s not to my taste. There’s too much metal and not enough diamond as the centerpiece. I can appreciate that it won’t snag, but the overall look isn’t to my taste.

Since I don’t have to wear it, all that matters is what you think!

Ha, I knew it would be a tension-type design just from your description. I like it alot. My now-wife and were were going to get a design a lot like this one for her but then she decided on a more traditional four-prong design.

Also, if you were thinking about buying the diamond online, I think it is a way better idea to actually see it in person. A diamond can look better or worse than its statistics would indicate, so you reallly just have to see how each particular diamond sparkles.

That looks almost exactly like my ring except mine is white gold. I got it because it doesn’t snag or the diamond doesn’t get banged as easily, and it’s different than more traditional engagement rings. The only problem is that I have an inherited diamond for the ring with some flaws and they can’t be hidden by prongs.

I prefer the ones with the setting so that the light can hit the diamond from below, as well as allow refractal light out the bottom to increase the shininess/sparkliness. The more common type of setting like that is called a halo setting. They also make the diamonds look huge because often there is a small halo of diamonds around the stone.