England 4 Albania 0

This is not a result. It’s a prophecy.

Hence your name!

Tungagjeta Shqipëria!


My last day in Chicago:(
But, I will get to see the game:D
Lets hope for more of the same!!!
I will, however, be cutting it pretty fine…game kicks off at 2pm, got to check in at 5-45!

Sedgwick’s in Lincoln Park will be showing the game live!
If anyone’s bored with nothing better to do …:wink:
($20 cover though:()

Man, you get international on some people and they start callin’ in the Mods…

*Originally posted by Olentzero *

This is what is known as irony and is an oblique reference to the Spanish Thread. Which I can’t find.

Easy there, I was replying in kind. Obviously we both could have benefited from the use of smilies.

It’s all good on my end.

Cyprus are one up on Portugal as I type :slight_smile:

Here too, no offence intended. :wink:

Ah, well, it was fun while it lasted.

King Larsson booked Sweden’s place in the finals tonight, so I’ll definitely have at least one team to cheer for!


I wish to say that England win the football game 2-0 and not 4-0 as originally predicted.

This is by no means a predictive error but a mistake by my staff. One of my clerks forgets to divide by 2 at a crucial stage of the calculation, which leaves me with a faceful of egg.

Furthermore, if the moderators have any compassion for what is nothing but a slip of the pen, they will change the thread title without further ado.

Nostradamus, would it sound very smug of me when I say that 2-0 was the easiest possible scoreline to predict in this match? My bookmaker seemed surprised by my confidence (but he’ll pay for that when I collect tomorrow), and my friends became increasingly exasperated as they watched the game between their fingers, while I barely looked up from the pool table muttering “it’ll be 2-0” every few minutes.

There don’t seem to have been any other surprises either.

BTW, tough luck Scotland (even though I may be the only Englishman to say this and mean it).

Here is an excerpt of the official Albanian World Cup Squad Song, as translated by Mr A. Sayle:

“Albania! Albania!
Not nearly as repressive as Roumania
Easier to spell than Boueftsgwachgznia
And if we don’t win any games
The secret police will confiscate our dentures
The secret police will take away our extra meat ration
The secret police will shout at our slippers…”

Everton, if you were on the money you are entitled to an attack of smugness.

As for Scotland, I am also sorry to see them (virtually) out. It’s the same with all clubs from the British Isles, I just support 'em all.

In addition to Blackpool. :eek:

Ten quid at 7-1, thank you very much Mr Coral :).

Of course you can’t win 'em all, so don’t shout at me if these don’t work out, but how about:
England 3 Greece 0
Ireland 3 Cyprus 0
Germany 3 Finland 2

BTW, was Alan Ball the last Blackpool player to be capped for England? And did Kevin Sheedy get an Ireland cap while at Blackpool?

Sver-ige! thudthudthud
Sver-ige! thudthudthud

Rodd - Alexei Sayle?! By God, is that fat bastard still around? Still as lefty as he used to be or what?

Rodd may have his own reply, but in the meantime you’ll find Alexei Sayle here and here for instance. Click here to judge whether he’s still as lefty as he used to be.

Yes, it is Ball who last plays for England while with The Seasiders, although he goes to Everton shortly after the '66 World Cup.

I do not think Sheedy gets a cap when at Blackpool, as he is getting old at this time, although not as old as Lothar Mattheus, but then who is?

I note your predictions but I am unable to comment further, as my predictive powers are in decline.

Ta, Everton! I hadn’t heard anything of that Fat Bastard for several years…glad he’s still going.

Now if I could only get the 1982 Scotland World Cup Team song out of my head…