English Dopers! Are you all still above water?

Even the admittedly self-absorbed U.S. news is reporting severe flooding in parts of southern and western England and 100s of thousands without power. Are all our Doper mates all right? Hope you all are holed up at the local with your wellies on. Please check in!

On a hillside here. No flooding here.

Stow is OK, being pretty high, but Moreton in Marsh High Street (6 miles north) was under 4 feet of water on Friday. It’s clear now but the damage to homes and businesses is reportedly grim.

Nearby Bourton on the Water is now Bourton under the Water, and while several main roads have experienced closures most are now passable. This is north-east Gloucestershire but the main problems are in the south and west of the county, where Gloucester and Tewkesbury have suffered particularly badly. The latter lies at the confluence of the Severn and the Avon and is currently cut off from everywhere by road. The place is practically an island. 300,000 people in SW Gloucestershire are looking at life without tap water, and 40,000 now lack power.

Disturbingly, there are many areas in this county flooding now which have never flooded before. Most journalists and emergency services spokesmen I’ve heard on TV are saying they have never seen anything like it.

More rain is expected from Wednesday onwards.

Central Reading was without electricity for about an hour and a half on Friday; situation’s been stable over the weekend, but there are fears that another downpour will cause both the rivers (the Thames and the Kennet) to burst their banks.

Reading isn’t one of the worst hit areas by any means. (Personally, I’m in an upper-floor flat, I’ve got supplies, a wind-up torch and battery powered radio, and plenty of books to read, so I’m not too worried, at least for myself.)

I’m at the top of a hill. And we’re nowhere near anywhere that’s getting the brunt of it. And I’m fucking off to Spain tomorrow :smiley:

If the posh places on the Thames get hit badly, my God will we hear about it.

I’m near a river, but not one that’s prone to flooding, and I live on a hill. jjimm lives in Oxford, which I think is affected somewhat, but I don’t think he’s at home at the moment.

88 metres above sea level here. No floods in sight. But there’s a damp spot on my ceiling.

I’m at the top of a hill. And I’m nowhere near anywhere that’s getting the brunt of it. And I’m off to Las Vegas in August! :smiley: :cool:

Wow - even in the middle of the night, that’s the fewest cars I’ve ever seen on the Reading Traffic cams. Are there roads blocked by water there?