London Dopers check in, please

I know we have a passle of Brits, and with what is going on now, please check in to let us know your situation. This is just awful.

Also, I can’t remember who, but I remember there is a female doper who was going to London this summer. (Dangerosa? Urbanchic? ) I’m drawing a blank.

Do any locals ride the double decker busses or is that strictly a touristy thing?
Stay safe.

A few have checked in othe the other two threads started earlier. I imagine their internet accesses are clogged as ours were on 9/11.
I hate this! :frowning: :mad:

Apart from major news sites etc., it doesn’t look like anyone’s having any internet trouble. Quite a few have reported in to Nads.

And yes, that’s an ordinary everyday bus.

Checking in… I work in Westminster, and most of the action is over to the eastern end of the city…

Internet access is unaffected - mobile networks are clogged.


Here, I’m working in St Mary’s (academic). The bottom end of the street where Edgware Road station is is cordoned off by Police.

The bus exploded outside my FECKING HOUSE.
Good thing I’m in Singapore at the moment.


I was convinced I had a meeting with someone near the Bank at 10.00 this morning and was all set to go until I sensibly decided to check my diary just before leaving the flat - to find that the meeting was actually scheduled (pronounced “sheduled”) for Friday. Phew.

It could have always been me, I moved to London in April. I was on the Tube at the time, but got to work safely - posted about it here.

Yep - the red double decker buses are the standard London bus service buses.