Any Londoners innerested in a Dope Fest?

Mrs Haven and I will be in London (staying near Piccadilly C) and open on Sunday night, July 29.

Anyone interested in a pub get-together?

I think I’ll be around that weekend.

I expect to be in Aberdeen.

Regrettably I’ll be in Thailand.

(I lie. I don’t regret being in Thailand. But I do regret not being able to meet you.)

You’re not coming from Las Vegas, by any chance?
Cos I’m flying out there on Aug 1!

Dam. I’m visiting my friend in London the weekend before and he’s down in the south with my the weekend of the 29th… So close, but too far.

Well, I do know you won’t be in Paris if that helps… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Regrettably, I will be in Paris. Sorry.

Will need to check with my personal assistant* but as far as i remember we’re not doing anything that day.

You have a preferred pub?

*"'er in doors",“the war office”,“she who must be obeyed” also known as rekkah :smiley:

I figure we’ll see who all is coming, and then I’ll let one of you organize and select a pub. I used to get to London once or twice a year when my job required it, but usually stayed in different hotels and different areas, so I don’t have a “favorite” pub.

She is so going to kill you, you know…

c.f. above with bonzer’s initial statement… “I think that I’m free”… :wink:

Looks like this is dying from lack of interest? I know it’s middle of holiday time, so no prob if nothing comes off.

I’m vacationing at my cousin’s this week, with limited dial-up access, so things are slow as shit. I’m bumping this once, and I’ll set up something (or not) end of the week (July 13ish)

Well, it looks like 3 of us are near definites (garius, rekkah and myself), there’s some interest in the parallel NADS thread and there are always a couple of people who’ll turn up unnannounced. I suspect we’ll be looking at a turnout not unlike that the last time you were in town.

righto, bumping this because it’s getting near the time.

We should probably think about choosing a pub.

I can most probably make this one. It will be a good thing to get a night out after much mind-boggling thesis-thumping. Count me in for anywhere central-ish.

…doesn’t anyone live in London, Ontario, Canada?..


what about the chandos? we haven’t been there in a while…

The Chandos - obligatory Beer in the Evening link - is fine with me.

I might be able to make it. What time?

well i should be able to get there from about 4pm onwards

(as before, happy to provide my mobile number to anyone who needs it)

OK, Sunday 29th July at the Chandros, let’s say at 5 PM?

I’ll bring a sign saying “Cecil Adams Fan Club” or some such. And wearing a red shirt with horizontal stripes.

(I was going to say that I’d carry a Harry Potter book, but I figured that would be about 20% of the pub attendees from what I can judge so far. Was on the tube this morning, three of seven people in my area were reading HP.)