English-to-Latin translation

I’d like this motto translated into Latin for a campus organization some friends and I are founding:

“With great sacrifice comes great success.”

If anyone could help me I would be quite grateful. :slight_smile:

Perhaps something like the state motto of Kansas would do:
Ad astra per aspera
To the stars through difficulties

Cum sacrificia magna venit successus magnus.

You may have to play with the word order a little… its been so long since I conjugated anything and even longer since I tranlated anything from English to Latin… Latin to English I can do with my eyes closed.

I forgot to mention… I rather like that motto… what kind of organization is it?

Thanks, dutchboy. It’s some kind of honor society. To be honest, it’s my friend’s idea, and I’m not exactly clear on all the details. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the translation.

No prob… any chance I can be sort of honored by your sort of honor society for services rendered? :wink: