enigm4tic returns

I was for a brief while an avid contributor here.
And now I’m back.
For those of you who vaguely recall me. o7 salute.
For those of you to whom I am new o/ hello.
My summer of non-posting has mainly consisted of…
I worked in the produce department of a grocery store where I previously and also this summer worker dairy, cashier, general manager’s bitch, and everything else you can think of (short of trained positions like meat cutter or deli).
Also, drinking heavily, haven’t checked if Autolycus is still posting but Im sure he’s more than happy to have a fellow alcoholic back.
At any rate, I’ll be surfing the forums here again!

I remember you! We had a lively debate over the merits of the college Greek system. My experience of frat guys at a big state school (IU) has been thus: they are unnecessarily loud and juvenile in public, they all wear lame clothes like polo shirts with popped collars and white baseball caps turned half-sideways, they talk about sports gambling during class, and every year at least one of them crashes his crotch-rocket while wearing a tank top, flip flops and no helmet, and his death gets in the local student paper. You maintained that there are many social and civic benefits to fraternities, which I do not contest. As I remember, the debate ended amicably. In any case, I do remember liking your posts. Welcome back, enigm4tic.

Also, if your posting time is any indication, it’s good to have another member of the insomniac club. (Or not - if you’re on the west coast.)

Welcome back, eningm4tic! :slight_smile:

I, too, remember that debate. Mostly because I had to ask what the Greek system was.