Enough with the damn Women's beach volleyball!

It seems about 30% of NBC’s Olympic coverage is devoted to this interesting to watch for a few minutes, but not for hours and hours …umm…“sport”. There are dozens of other interesting sports, why focus on this one so heavily? The bikini babes are nice in moderate doses, but give it a rest, and let some other sports get airtime.

Right on … even Vix, who loves all things Olympics, is getting tired of it (and isn’t there other beach volleyball teams asides Walsh/May, even another US team??)

'Course, if they were wearing thongs…


Shirts and skins? Just a thought…

And I just love hearing about how Misty May schleps her mother’s ashes wherever she goes.


Olympics? Oh is it a Olympic year?

(I sort of feel bad because I heard it was in the birthplace of the games, but I am really not interested one bit, have only seen about 3 seconds of any Olympic game this year, and don’t even remember what it was. I think sepperating the summer and winter games were a big mistake because it delutes the meaning of “Olympic year”.

Also the Summer Games were never interesting to me, though I did watch lots more in the past, it is the Winter Games that really interest me {which plays 2nd fiddle to the summer games as I understand it}, and really hope the US Hockey team can once again beat the USSR team :wink: )

Boy, Throbbin’ Robin, I did not need to know that!

PS: How’s Rarin’ Aaron? Takes after his Mom, we can only hope…

He’s good. Definitely a Democrat. :smiley: When Al Gore spoke at the DNC last month, Aaron stood up and applauded. Makes his mom proud, he does. :cool:


Interesting. I’ve turned on the Olympics at random intervals both on NBC and the other Olympic affiliates (BRAVO, USA, MSNBC, etc.) and I’ve encountered diving, swimming, gymnastics, sailing, tennis, track & field, Judo, and soccer in the last 6 days, but no beach volleyball.

Dammit! :wink:

You missed the women’s weight lifting? There’s a hottie from Bulgaria, I mean, one look and bang! instant metrosexual…

What’s really not fair is that the female volleyball players wear these skimpy bikini-type two-piece suits and the men have baggy shorts and sleeveless shirts! I want male skin, IOC! Be fair!

This is the Olympics, you deve! Your craven lusts are regarded with the contempt they deserve! Which is why the IOC screens all female athletes through the IBTC* before even considering whether or not they can compete.
** Itty Bitty Titty Committee*

I have no job or life right now, so I’ve pretty much been watching the Olympics 18 hours a day. Women’s beach volleyball isn’t really getting any more coverage than the rest of the sports. You just happen to be awake during the volleyball coverage. …

I personally enjoy the women’s volleyball a lot. But the men? They’re a bunch of whiney bitches. Just play the game and shut the fuck up!

Not exactly. NBC has chosen to air beach volleyball (and a lot of it) during prime time. As with everything else shown at that time, it was taped earlier. I wish they’d mix it up a bit more.

What about those skintight hotpants the female runners compete in? Granted, the runners have so little body fat that it’s a little like watching anatomy illustrations sprinting about, but some of them do have nice butts, and those hotpants show them off. Plus, some of their hotpants sometimes ride up between their cheeks and they’re practically running in a thong, then.

Now that’s the thrill of athletic competition!

It may not be skin, but tune in to the sprinters and the weightlifting. Their packages are all-but totally defined and flappin’ about like there’s no tomorrow. It’s enough to turn me off from all sports.

Agreed. The slo-mo replays are like watching a turkey in a rotisserie oven.

Blinks innocently

What´s a metrosexual?

You people complaining about lack of variety of coverage need to get TiVos. Last night I watched a full hour of women’s sabre recorded at some weird ass hour last week while I was in Yosemite. I also saw some honest-to-(insert favorite deity here) judo. Judo! If there’s anything they used to show less than fencing, it’s judo.

It’s some dumbass term coined recently, meaning a hetero male who knows how to dress and groom well without seeking female advice.

The Olympians used to compete in the nude.