Entanglement - is there a way to "complete" without just crashing?

I’m into this game online and on my iPad. (Better music and graphics online)

So far it appears that ther is no way to “finish” nicely… you just pick the highest point way to crash.

Am I missing something?

Yes and no. I haven’t achieved it yet, and I think there is a way to pave every open location…and then crash. When I play the game I’m trying out different stratagies to pave (or tile) every location. I think there is a bonus for paving every location, not sure though.

Good Luck.

oh yeah, I find that I am concentrating very hard and end up not thinking about other things. That’s why I like it, and the challange.

I tiled the whole map once. The trick is not to focus on the red line, but on the ones that lead to dead ends.

I’ve tiled the whole a few times. I think the game would be vastly improved if there were some way to “complete” elegantly, the obvious option being to have “exit” tiles that have to be reached and which would open new maps. And the exit tiles would only work if you amass a certain number of points or use a certain number of tiles.

The idea behind it is very much the same as a “pipe” game, and that’s how those work.