Enter the Matrix, anyone?

This game rocks.


Got it the day it came out. Tortured myself by not playing it until I finished my final exams (this morning). Got home and played for two hours.

It rocks.

Not that far into it yet, just on the first driving part, but it’s quite possibly the most addicting game I’ve ever played.

Heh, and I’ve also got a brand-new system to play it on, including a 17-inch LCD monitor, and kick-ass speakers with sub-woofer action.

Anyone else a brand-new addict?

How powerful is your system? Even on the most powerful machines, it has a terrible frame rate later in the game(when things get more intense).


I hired it out for the PS2 a few weeks backs. It’s OK for the first 1/2 hour with it’s easy-to-do moves, but I found that after a few hours it degenerated into a big pile of steaming ka-ka. The brown hallways of the sewers will haunt me for a very long time. And don’t get me started about the Smiths kicking me to obilivion in the corner…

I suppose for a movie tie-in, the game is OK (the gold standard being Goldeneye for the N64), but a pretty shoddy piece of work compared to standalone games.

I think it’s great – although, to be fair, it’s the first thing I’ve played on my new PS2. I like the diversity of the game – there’s fighting parts, shooting parts, driving parts, etc. Also, on some levels the best strategy is to be catlike and sneak around, sometimes the best strategy is to run in with guns blazing, and sometimes it’s just to run away as fast as you can. Also, the hacking section is neat and really gives the game the flavor of the films because, just like one of the operators in the movies, you can type stuff in the computer terminal at the hacking section that will help you when you’re in the Matrix. Finally, the use of the focus button is just really cool in that it allows you to pull the same kind of stunts on your own that the characters in the Matrix do. (The first day I was playing there was a scene where I ran through an airplane hangar filled with about 30 cops shooting at me, dodged all their bullets, casually blew most of them away, ran up a wall, did a backflip off it and kicked the last two cops in the head on the way down. That frikkin’ rocked.



Max Payne beats Enter the Matrix hands down (at least for the PC verison).

Cliffy, I can assure you that you can find more games which are more fun than the Enter the Matrix. Enjoy your PS2! I just recently got mine too.

PS2 version

I cleared it on both Niobe and Ghost and liked it. It wasn’t the best game I’ve ever played by a long stretch but it kept me amused for a week and I really like the Matrix so this part of the experience was welcome. Hopefully the next one will have more development but I liked it a lot. YYMV

The moves are pretty cool (strafe+focus+jump+shoot results in some very cool attacks). The scenes from the movie (live actors) that weren’t in the movie are the real payoff as far as I am concerned. The game is mostly just beating up on security guards which gets kind of boring. The driving is kinda lame (GTA series have ruined me for other driving sims). I wish the opponents had been a little more diverse and I wish there were more bosses. I got to fight a chopper and an agent - those were challenging. The vampire and the werewolf were way too easy to beat. I didn’t really like the fact that when you move into hand-to hand combat you can knock a guy down, and if he doesn’t die, it’s really hard to turn and run. You kind of stay locked in a defensive position facing the guy who is not really a threat, keeping you from running out of the way of bullets coming at you.

It was cool as hell to jump out from around a corner (guns blazing), blow away like 6 guys, somersault (with guns blazing), bounce off a wall, then kick the shit out of three or four guys with your hands and feet, and then jump backwards (with guns blazing). Overall it had its moments, but I think it could have been alot better. The more you fight with your hands, the more focus power you get. Try to use the guns sparingly and they will end up fighting ALOT better as you play through the game. I played through the second time and killed almost all of the enemies with my bare hands. A few exceptions: those swat teams come pretty heavy in a few spots.

By the way, when you fight Seraph, if you lose DO NOT SAVE YOUR GAME. Exit and reload and then try again until you beat him. The game lets you keep playing if you lose, but you miss a couple of levels and some great cut-scenes. The boring repetitive nature that plagues much of the game is worth getting through to see the extra clips - particularly the ones with the Oracle. She says something different to Niobe and Ghost, so play with both.


It seems that there is some important child that has been born, and it cost the Oracle her shell to protect the child. I’m guessing it is some human/machine hybrid. Most of the forefront of AI/Futurist thought is starting to lean towards the idea that it will not be Machines or Men that rule the Earth in the years to come, but rather a merger of the two. Rather than one taking over/destroying the other there will be a new species with (hopefully) the best qualities of both men and machine. After playing the game I suspect this is one of the directions they will be taking with the next movie. They have touched on most of the other ideas in the AI field, I’d be surprised if they left out the possibility of a merged species.

DaLovin’ Dj

personally i loveit, i second what everyone’s said about the cool moves and stuff and for that i love it but the thing that made it stand out from other games, is the hacking section, you get to see a lot of extra stuff to do with the film and the characters and things,

anyone else done it???

I enjoyed the game, but the gameplay was only so-so. Maybe that’s due to having just played Splinter Cell (which IMO has vastly superior gameplay).

The best part of the game is the movie tie-in. Doing the “focus” moves (cartwheel while shooting, etc.) and hearing the same sound effects as in the movie really made you feel like you were interacting in the matrix universe. The worst part was that there is no quick save. It’s inexcusable to have to run through 10 minutes of guards/etc. and run into a bunch of enemies (while you’re still waiting for “focus” to recharge) who quickly wipe you out, forcing you to start the round over. At other times, the objective wasn’t clear (and it was often difficult to remember the objective–the objective screen isn’t always up to date) and I had a hard time figuring out what to do next.

I also liked the additional information about the story you get, but I’m a bit annoyed at the W. brothers’ splitting up the information for the movie so that you have to spend $8 + 40 + (cost of the Animatrix) to get the whole story.