Entering Table of Contents info in Media Player

Of a set of seven CDs, six of them have nothing entered in the Tables of Contents. I need to enter data for each track on each of the CDs. Can someone tell me how to do this in Windows Media Player (Version, no joke)? My OS is Windows XP Pro.

I know that I have to create the info myself. What I want to learn is, how I input this data.

For what it´s worth, these are not bootlegged CDs. I own them legitimately. The people who made the friggin´things were slovenly SOBs.
I searched on this procedure here in SDMSB and found nothing.

No easy way if you recorded tracks offline or is data is not available online.

Record the tracks if you have not done so.
Find the tracks in Windows Explorer.
Edit the tracks with desired information.

Check the Help for Media Player.

Not hard, but tedious. I have found that MS’s music info differs from Gracenote in a number of cases. I used to use WMP but changed to iTunes, which uses Gracenote for the track info. Some CDs that had no info from MS showed the full info in iTunes and others had info in WMP that wasn’t quite the same as the sleeve notes.

Your case may differ, I’m just saying, is all.


Thanks very much, KiwiFruit!! I didn’t do it quite as you said but it seems to be holding up.

Couldn’t figure out how to do the job from Media Library, so I worked on the grid that comes up when the C starts in Windows Media Player. It opens at the Table of Contents.

I right clicked the first track, selected Edit and inputted the info. Hit Enter and went to the next track. Works like a charm.

Thank you very much.