Enterprise-Cold Station 12 spoilers

It just gets better, but what is with their clothes? Are there genetically superior moths in their closets?
Was the three screen monitor unique to TOS?

This and the mullets is what prompted my Marc Singer crack last week.

And no, I don’t want to think about Marc Singer’s crack either.

Too much exposure to Marc Singer’s crack was what caused me to cancel cable many years ago. (Showtime had gone “All Beastmaster, all the time!” on me.)

I missed big chunks last week because my wife and daughter kept arguing (And to think my wife is an original Trekkie. Tsk tsk.) so I had to hope Spiner was playing a Soong. Then this week I had to explain to the same daughter why that was important. But I NEVER watch TV. :rolleyes:

Alas, how the Augment line has deteriorated! Khan was a philosopher king while these were just punks. Practically Nietzschians. In fact, last week I assumed they WERE Nietzschians with worse hair.

Dang, Spiner is better than ever.
Soong’s got to be thinking “I should have been tougher on Malik when he was a shortie…Oh well, too late now.”
Good lawdy, that Simbalene (sp?) blood burn scene was truly horrific.
Are Phlox and Dr. Lucas…you know, more than just good pals?
What, no Porthos? I am feeling beagle-deprived!
Apparently nobody cares that Persis and Malik are siblings and in bed together. Or do they just view one another as fellow-Augments and use “brother” and “Sister” as casual terms?

Mayweather was on the screen so briefly that it startled me when he appeared.
How did Soong take care of all those little Auggies by himself?

Where are the others–the ENT Dopers? They should be here by now…

Episode IV The Eugenics Strike Back…Again.

Soong’s not seeming like such a bad guy as the plot moves forward. Muadib on the other hand…

Did anyone else giggle when they heard T’Pol say “Transfer the Data.” ?

Archer, now with Karate Kick Action!

One of the doctors at the station looked a little to Humanoid Xindi for my liking. Makeup budget cut anyone?

See? This exactly why I disapproved of the move to Fridays. I totally forgot about it. Now I have to wait for the Sunday late night repeat.

Space Marines:

The Few
The Proud
The Easily Tossed Across the Room

Can I take this opportunity to announce to the world that I love my DVR?

I got it from the cable company specifically because I missed the first two episodes of Enterprise and had to wait for the Sunday night repeat.

Yeah, I do have recording capabilities, but I completely forgot about Friday ENT. If I had recorded it, I wouldn’t have complained.

I’m setting up the Sunday ep recording right now, let me tell ya.

They have different parents. The sibling terms are from being raised together by Soong. Remember Archer showing Smike his parent’s pictures.

Another great episode, but a little weaker than last week’s. The reason I say this is because I sort of expected Soong to be more bad to the core, and not fall into this same “enlightened” morality that most every other human character in the ST universe falls inevitably into (I know, there have been exceptions). The operation to take the embryos would have proceeded much quicker if they had just spaced the crew and taken the Enterprise to Cold Station 12.

I hate to say it, but Malek’s methods would have been far more efficient.

We’re also faced with a quandry that will probably be solved next episode. How does Soong escape to become the grandfather of Noonian, and at the same time somehow have the Augment threat neutralized and have Enterprise come out of this in one piece. Does anyone remember the name of the planet Noonian called his home? I wonder how that planet will play into all this. Maybe it’s the planet that gets threatened with biological destruction next episode?

As an aside, I would also like to point out one more thing. It seems like there has always been much greater attention paid to the Eugenics Wars in the ST universe then there is to WW3, even though it seems like WW3 was far more traumatic, and probably led to the “Second Enlightenment” that every ST character seems to be a slave to. Anyone else think this could be a storyline arc for ENT sometime in the future?

Nit picks: Where are the pissed off Klingons looking for their battle cruiser? Why only three marines? The transporter incaple of transporting twice per episode? Oh and way to cover your back there, haven’t these marines learned to stake out a perimitter?

On the plus side, great use of 3-D space. I kind of like that Soong isn’t totally evil, I like misguided evil much better. I aways want characters who have at least a shread of a chance at redemption. Great line from Archer with the “What did you think would happen…” speech. Great by play between Dr. Lucas and Soong, I just knew they were gonna get sappy and have him easily give up the codes.

Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, I found out that Noonian hailed from Omicron Theta, a Federation Colony that was destroyed by The Crystalline Entity. We’ll see if Omicron Theta figures into next week’s episode!

Noonien ended up at Omicron Theta under an assumed name.

He had studied with Ira Graves earlier in life, and married in 2328 on Malava IV. Somewhen between then and 2338, he and his wife created Lore at the science colony of Omicron Theta.

So, I wouldn’t look for Omicron Theta to be featured in next week’s ep. In fact, it would seem to violate canon if it did, since the implication is that Noonien was not a native of the Omicron Theta system.

There is a deadline to capture the Augments or the Klingons will attack Earth.

Thanks I missed the first episode of this acr.
Another question, did TuPol get married?

T’Pol got married two eps ago. A marraige of convenience.

I sure you two guys stick around for more eps. I’m enjoying your posts.

Okay, NCB: ENT is on Fridays. FRIDAY NIGHTS! Okay?

Since it has been moved out of competition with Smallville and now Lost, the ratings are rising in its time slot, believe it or not. Yeah, they’re not high numbers but they are coming up higher than they were a year or so ago on their original night.

Aesiron update: Gr8Kat says he will probably be moved to the convalescent hospital soon for rehab before he goes home.

I used to read the other threads when Enterprise was on on Wednesdays, but due to the order I read the board, by the time I read it, most of the comments I wanted to make were already given.

I missed TuPol getting married I saw her getting ready for marrying, then a kid matter came up I had to deal with and missed the last few minutes of that episode. I tried to catch the first episode of this arc twice, both times coming in on the last ten minutes. Guess I should go buy that new DVR.

Yeah, I remember, and Archer was being a butt about it.

Soong was just as much Smike’s father as any man who adopts a kid is that kid’s father. To say “Soong isn’t your father” and instead give him a picture of the guy who donated his genetic material to make Smike, that completely denigrates what it means to raise a kid and be the guy the kid calls “daddy” at the end of the day.