Enterprise: Affliction

Well, someone had to start it. I’ll see it in a few hours, and see you later.

Ooo ooo another good one.

No TOS Klingon Ridges explained!

Trip dies in a firey explosion!

Seth Macfarlane gets more lines than Travis!

And could it be?

Section 31?


So, how were the ridges explained? Spill.

Just going to use spoiler tags till the eppy airs a few more times

Klingon DNA spliced with Human Augment DNA to improve performance. Klingons didn’t like the idea that 3 humans could take out a crew of Klingons so they tried to augment some of their own people with genetic material salvaged from wreckage of the Augment BoP.
Side effects of the splice included a more human like appearance. Oh and death.

Still not explained how they grew up so fast though.

Chef needs to reconsider chili night.

How incredibly lame.

Wearia lies, but…

Thank G-d it’s dead.

Uncle Phil?

Is that an Early Edition reference?

Thank god what’s dead? The franchise?

I still have tapes to send you… don’t make pull a Una Bomber.

(this does make me less sad it’s ending though… Coto tried but there’s still a lot of suck)

Enterprise. Brow Ridge Flu. Jesus.
Cap’n leap telling a Vulcan how to do a mind meld?
Mrs. Plant hurled at that point. Plow m’k soup. It was grim.
The mind meld was cool once it got started; T’Pau in the scene talking to Hoshi.

Sentences complete speak?

…I used to know a girl named Una Bonner.

Anyone know if it is canon that there were no women Captains? Something about Turnabout INtruder and the pilot where Pike says of Number One, “I’m not used to women of the bridge”.

My irony meter just exploded.

Not an Early Edition reference, carnivorous plant, it’s just that one of the Klingons sounded remarkably a lot like Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I shall return to lurk mode now, especially seeing as how I missed 45 minutes of the episode.

I wish Q would just end this whole messy thing, but not before revealing who Future Guy (remember him?) is.

I wonder if the fact that Riker and Troi will be in the finale means the entire series was just a bad holodeck novel.

I hate it when that happens.
You should have polarized the pions and fed them into the data stream.
Or used a bigger zilch coil.

Jonathan Archer, Personal Log Entry:
Dear Diary,
What a craptastic few days I’ve had. Trip left me for a woman, T’Pol’s still doing the Twiggy look, Phlox was abducted, Hoshi got punched in the face, Travis is the same old same old, the Klingons are in my face, and Malcolm was so naughty that I had to scold him and send him to his room. Oh, and Porthos just took a dump on my bed. Again.
Just had to insert some humor.

I’ll have to watch this one again…I liked the music, mood/atmosphere, dark places, silhouettes, secrets and surprises, etc. But I’m not sure that everything really added up, and people were doing and saying all sorts of odd things out of the blue. Hoshi kicked some ass (a dude punched her! Get 'em, Aes!), Trip settled in rather quickly–he’s fine as long as someone brings pie, Phlox consistently rocks, but Malcolm gets all teary-eyed and he’s got daddy issues like crazy–methinks he sees Archer as a father figure; T’Pol and Trip butt into each other’s daydreams and meditations, the new guy in Engineering doesn’t answer the damn phone until he’s ready to, Malcolm has been involved with some secret agency for who knows how long? Travis is the only one who remains…well, Travis. The rest of them must have slipped out of some other universe (not the Mirror one; that comes later) where people’s deepest secrets spill out of them when we least expect it.

Discuss. Further.

And if I were Malcolm, I would have said to the Klingon dude in the brig: “Take some Airborne for that cough and stop going to Aragorn’s barber.”

It’s not necessary. I just invent dialogue because I feel like it.

I do hope that any unanswered questions that have HORRIBLY accumulated through this series will be answered either before the show is up, or within interviews of the writers, after the show.

The only lame thing is, back in the uh…“old days” when adding a goatee and lengthening your eyelashes made you into a ravenous Klingon Warrior.

You guys aren’t gonna believe this, considering how I’m usually one of the the more negative voices in these threads, but I actually kinda liked this one. No, more than kinda: I thought it was one of the better eps this season. And then I find… you guys are dumping on it? Huh. Sort of an unusual state of affairs.

So I’m definitely gonna have to watch it again before I comment further.

Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad STUPID!
What mixed emotions I have for this one.

The 60s era Klingons should never have been explained. Chalk it up to lack of vision and/or ability back then (whichever version of the story you believe) and then NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN. Like Worf in the DS9 ep Trials and Tribble-ations. We could live with that.

But instead, we get an attempt to fix the Han shot first problem. And it fails.

Actually, it wasn’t for the basic flaw of this inept stupidity, this arc would be pretty good. We have a strong performance by Hoshi, some wonderful self righteous indignation by both Quantum and Phlox, and some intrigue provided by finding out one of the most blindingly loyal shipmates has an even higher ideal to hold to, which supercedes his commitment to God and Country.

Why put it in a silly vehicle, tho? Manny, I’m mad at you for this.


Malcolm. Way overacting the Section 31 stuff. Subtlety would’ve been so much more fun, so evil seeming. Writers or actor?

T’Pol. Had to be told how to do a mind meld? Without that opening stupidity, that scene might have been among the coolest things ever seen in any Trek.

Tripp. Mean Trip? Bleah.

Daydreams. About night things. In the middle of the afternoon. Still, this little bit might work out to be cool.

NX-02 Disco lights on the bridge.
Coulda had class

Coulda been a contender

Yeah, a very watchable show with a basicly stupid premise. Hece, my mixed emotions.