Enterprise double-header: Fallen Hero & Desert Crossing; spoilers

I searched for carnivorous plant. I searched forTars Tarkas. I searched for Enterprise. But I came up dry…so here is the double-double scoop with just my usual random chatter about both.

“Fallen Hero”:
–A feisty Irish Vulcan. I rather liked her.

–Were the starshippers clever, or were the Mazarians easily duped? You be da judge.

–They tried to go to Risa. They failed. And Trip had a nice luau shirt on.

–Apparently, female Vulcans don’t suffer from Pon Farr (T’Pring didn’t seem to). And T’Pol has no problem talkin’ 'bout sex with the guys at the dinner table.

–Phlox wore green. And Archer’s quarters are a bit more colorful.

–With my “Memento” style short term memory, I’m fading on this. I have fresher memories of the next ep:

"Desert Crossing:

–Ah. Some allegorical/parallel stuff re: the Middle East. I got it.

–They tried to go to Risa again. And failed. Poor Porthos may never get that run on the beach. I’d be in the mood for a canine mutiny, were I Porthos.

–Archer and Trip sweat. Archer and Trip hold on to each other a lot. Archer and Trip eat balls for dinner. There are no women in sight in the desert guy’s realm. Archer told Trip he thought T. would like to spend some time with his captain. Trip nearly dies in the desert. If I were Trip, I’d tell Archer to shine it the next time he asks if they can hang out together.

–Archer screwed up by rescuing those Suliban in “Detained.” The question is: Will he ever realize it?

You’re on!

I think it was a woman who served them their “essence of the male in blood” soup. (Yum! We need an Enterprise Recipe Thread!) But other than that… a lot of sweaty guys, some with no shirts.

Did ya notice? The head sand guy was the Kergan from Highlander. (But no Queen songs. Darn.)

I just can’t help but think, a Beagle? Yeah, Pothos is cute and all, but a Beagle has to be about the worst dog for a spaceship.

I liked the Vulcan diplomat lady too. (Nope, I don’t pay enough attention to learn anyone’s name. Why?) But she was dangerously close to showing emotion.

Twelve fingers on each hand? This is good why?

They get to Risa next week though. Don’t they?

At the very least it would have been right to mention Frank Herbert in the credits for ‘Desert Crossing’. There were, how should I put this, some glaring parallels between the foremost treatise on a desert planet in the sci-fi realm, and the episode last night.

Using someone else’s receiver I ran out of tape, and that on only one segment, so I watched US of A cable with commercials.

I thought they were both pretty good.
Mrs. Plant, the Vulcan Expert From The First Conventions was happy if not impressed.

Hey, we played shirts and skins in High School and retained our testosterone.

I loved the Vulcan ambassador. She seemed like an English nanny to me. I expected her to offer the Captain tea and crumpets at any time. Nice to see that some Vulcan ambassadors actually attempt to get along with other species. Archer should push to have her assigned to the Vulcan embassy on Earth.

Searched for me??? I’m touched. Too bad i don’t have a comp at home, i could have started the thread earlier. Having remembered this week Enterprise was on Wednesdays in San Fran, i did get to see the episodes. I thought they were both pretty good. I like the “Let’s go to Risa!” continual storyline, shades of DS9 are creeping in with a continual plot line, which is a very good thing. Maybe if Archer’s reputation keeps growing in the galaxy, then soon aliens will be surrendering at the sight of Enterprise, and then the Klingons will come gunning for him. Kla’q: “Dr. Beckett would look good hanging over my fireplace!”

Hey, if T’Pol was so interested in the crew getting laid, should she start nailing some of the crew herself to get effeciency back up? It’s only logical…

Trip is the kwisatz haderach? That would be…odd…

Clancy Brown pretty much kicks ass in anything, btw. This was no exception.

Any show where the Captain and Trip take off their shirts, play sports and get all sweaty is fine by me.
MMMMMMMmmmmmmm…oh yeah…

Clancy Brown also kicked young recruits’ butts in Starship Troopers. I think he was the drill sergeant.

There was no teaser shown for next week, so it must be reruns again for a while…? How many eps are left for this season? Anybody know?

I hope nobody took my comments too seriously re: Archer and Trip. I’m funnin’.


I thought the server was a guy in a cloak. Could have been a woman, though. I must have had guys on the brain that night.

Twelve fingers = more intense massages.

I hope they at least get to Risa by the end of the season.

Let me get something straight:

The first episode, they were maxing out at… say…warp 4.7.

Then for a while, they were routinely going at warp 5.

Now, its suddenly such a hard thing to go warp 4.9 for ten minutes?

My local station had the promo after the first episode, but not the second. Next week it’s two eps, but only the first is new.

P.S. Desert LaCrosse?

Nobody noticed that they were playing Lacrosse (sp?) in the desert??

it looked like Lacrosse and that game they were playing in Tron.
“Anybody see that movie Tron?”
“yes, oh, wait, i mean no”

The following thought plagued me during each episode:

#1. The Vulcan ambassador was really Dame Judi Dench.

#2. Why did the Captain and Trip ditch the shuttle craft? I got up for a drink and missed the rationale behind the mandatory dehydration march through a completely unknown locale.

Confused to say the least.

A few reasons. 1) The artillary was closing in. 2) They had to put that “desert training” that was over-mentioned to use. 3) The Captain saw a place on the flight down.

Thank you, Rue. I must have gotten up between ep’s and missed it. Thank goodness for VCRs and reruns.
I thought both were good ones, strong, and I hope they’ll end the season on similar note.

I agree that these episodes were pretty good, the second slightly better than the first. After last week, with the snot monster, I was ready to give up hope that the show wouldn’t be able to reach its potential, that it had stalled. I no longer think so; I believe it’s still got signs of life. It occurs to me that Wednesday was the first “Enterprise” night of the current sweeps period (I think), so they might have rearranged the last few episodes of the season to shift the weaker ones to before sweeps started. That bodes well for next week’s new episode (the second one in the two hours is a repeat).

I thought the second episode, “Desert Crossing,” was stronger than the first, even though (1) the political parallel was pretty obvious, and (2) the middle section, with Trip and Archer wandering in the desert, was padded out to make the episode last a full hour. The conversation about food, specifically, was an awful cliche.

But yes, Clancy Brown rocks. I thought it was a fascinating exercise for an actor to have to come up with an alien accent, and not have it sound like a generic Eastern Europe or whatever, to make up something new. Clancy more or less pulled it off, even though it was kind of shaky and inconsistent in the middle.

And even though the political parallel was obvious, I liked that they ended up not really taking sides (the thing at the end, “a cause worth fighting for,” was a blemish). Yeah, it’s basically a riff on Israel vs. Palestine, but until the very end they were pretty even-handed about it. The best part was that this wasn’t a standalone plot, which is what would make the metaphor too blatant, just happening across this convenient analogy; I loved that it was an outgrowth of the previous breaking-out-of-prison episode. I had faulted that one for its speedy resolution, and for how it ignored any larger political implications of what they had done. But in this episode, when it became clear that the Clancy Brown character was asking for help from Archer because he’d heard of those exploits and had mistaken Archer for some sort of mercenary/do-gooder for hire, I laughed out loud: Wow! Actual plot continuity! This is some actual multi-episode writing! Who’da thunk it? Gives me hope that some of the other stupid decisions from earlier this season – setting that slug-creature free on a random planet, for example – might actually pay off later.

Oh, and I also laughed out loud at the slow-motion sweaty beefcake shots. It was so obviously a sop to the viewers who were waiting for equal time after Hoshi/T’Pol in the decon chamber, and it was done perfectly tongue-in-cheek: Here’s your sweaty manflesh, we know it’s silly and obligatory, but we know you’ll like it anyway. Huzzah!

Anyway, yeah, I liked 'em. Looking forward to next week.

Band name! Sweaty Manflesh. Oh, yeah.

There is a painting/picture in Archer’s office that is not of an Enterprise. (The one of a plane flying over the Golden Gate Bridge). I am fairly sure that it is a Boeing 314 Clipper.

I’m sure someone will correct me if I am wrong