Enterprise-Hatchery spoilers

Baby roach hampster sized things.
I thought this was pretty cool.
Mrs. Plant did not.
Also has goo.
T’Pol wears a uniform.
Mayweather or whats-his-name has more screen time than the dog.
Not bad, taken all together.


Just to show I’m not a bad sport, I’ll comment in this thread with this link that is all the more appropiate considering you quoted Cartman in your post in the **REAL ** *Hatchery * thread.


I’ll just have to crosspost, then, eh?

dueling threads again? Won’t we ever have peace?

There can be no peace!

While Kirk lives!

Trekkie* FIGHT!

Yes, I know ‘Trekkie’ is the despised term. I use this term as my faith in the series is coming to an end… also to start a devastating war that will split the Cafe Society into two new forums: C-S:2 and Happy Fun Cafe.

Let’s start a pool on when someone will post “All your thread are belong to us!”

I use both Trekkie and Trekker. The only time I dispute the usage is when I want to make people believe the hype that we Trekkies really care what we’re called.





















I am a Trek-o-doodle-doo!

You folks are really, really strange and I’m glad I didn’t start this thread, glad, do you hear?

Are you part Denobulan?

Okay, I wasn’t sure which one to post in, since I’m going to post my actual comments from watching the show … no slight to ye, Aesiron, but I picked this one since it does start with real comments on the episode.

And where the heck is NoClueBoy with his running commentary?! double GAH! :smiley:

As soon as Archer was slimed (LOL) I knew he’d be affected by it in some way and sure enough, he was. Why the heck couldn’t anyone else on the ship have figured that out way before they had to mutiny?! Thought the plot was rather flimsy (as well as slimy!)–and I’ve got a real aversion to insects, those egg pods and baby insectoids creeped me out. Well, at least I got to see Porthos again for a few moments. :slight_smile: The episode turned out to be not as good as I thought–a let-down after how much I enjoyed last week. Malcolm and Hayes’ relationship continues to be rough going, although Hayes did gain some measure of respect in Reed’s eyes and he even apologized to him. The shows are better, I think, when they focus more on the characters; I wish they’d do more of that.

that is all, for now. more later, probably.

Mine started with real comments too… I compared it to the DS9 episode they obviously took the idea from. Hmph.

I missed it tonight (as noted in the other thread). I may be able to peice together a running commentary Sunday night. I guess I’ll go ahead with it then, will help me remember plot points during the rerun season.

The first rule of Trek club is, you do not muddy the waters by spreading your comments across competing threads. The second rule of Trek club is, ooo! naked Hoshi!

I’ll see the episode this weekend and comment later since I’m under the gun here at work - assuming I don’t get fired for taking so long on this project (but, damn, it’s good software!).

Because they don’t watched enough Star Trek.

Bad Sci Fi 101 should be a required course at the Academy. You see enough of it, you can figure out anything that’s gonna happen to you out there.

The whole Enterprise set-up is an obvious rip-off from DS9: DS9 had a captain, so has got Enterprise. DS9 had the ship Defiant, they’ve got the ship Enterprise. DS9 had that Quark alien with big ears, Enterprise has got the alien T’Pol with big… pointy ears as well. It’s quite obvious once you take a closer look.

But seriously, apart from having both Alien offspring in it, a plot device that has already been in Next Generation (and probably even classic, if I could remember those storylines), I don’t see the similarity, sorry.