Or, Return Of The Canadian Spoilers.

Mayweather speaks!
Stolen from the 1958 movie “Forbidden Planet” which, BTW, rocks. Bragga has class in theft.
Think Veena from TOS “The Cage”.
Part of the set is from “Spock’s Brain”.
“Acorn squash, acorn squash! What is acorn squash?!”


The holographic community also reminds me of that DS9 episode
where the entire village…except one…was holograms who were
programmed by this old dude who…


Remember - when skulking through dark corridors, do NOT use the see-in-the-dark green monicles from the hunting episode.

Reminded me of the TOS episode - don’t recall the title - a well-known character actor played an immortal man who created a beautiful android female for a companion, who fell in love with Kirk (of course!) Anyway, the ep was okay. Nothing special and nothing to really complain about, but I’m still dissatisfied after almost every show. (There have been, oh, maybe two or three I really liked.) Archer character needs work; I even like T’Pol better than Archer, and that’s saying something, because I don’t like T’Pol. But at least she’s establishing her character - even though I may not like the arrogant attitude or sex-kitten get-up. I liked her little exchange with Trip about his getting pregnant by a alien in another episode. Archer is simply a mild-mannered pretty-boy.

And, if I may point out, Forbidden Planet was based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Which also rocks, and in iambic pentameter to boot.

Liked the episode, liked Trip, liked Archer, liked T’Pol… All in all, a better first season than I’ve ever seen. I’m willing to watch and see what happens.

Indeed, and this version with a holographic Caliban and politically correct Prospero.

most scifi shows don’t make it so obvious though when they use one of their regular actors to be a completely different character . . . I wonder who they’ll have William Shatner play . . .

And I nearly faint!
And they actually let him leave the ship for a while!
I nearly fainted again.

Not a great ep, quite a bit of familiar ground covered, but not too bad overall.
I didn’t see a promo for next week’s episode–it looked like there was a network transmission glitch. Or didn’t they show one at all?

Pheh. I’m really mixed on this one.

An ok episode but once again we are going into those episodes where the crew has to solve a mystery that really has no bearing on anything. Once trip noticed the similarity of the computer core with that of (Dang I can’t remember their names) [homerism]that hologram making people[\homerism] it became obvious that these guys were holograms. I’d rather they put Drama into the stories that don’t require the crew to act like Scooby and the gang.

At least I remember why Merryweather shouldn’t have lines… He’s a Dork! (Considered a Dork in Star Trek… that is an insult) Every time he opens his mouth I cringe with his golly gee whiz delivery.

Oh and why spoil the Doctor with lame ass lines. “There is nothing I can do here” Wha? How about an autopsy to discover cause and time of death? Phlox’s humour has up to this point come from his observations and takes on human interaction as well as his abundant enthusiasm not from silly lines like that.

T’Pol’s reminder to Trip of what happened the last time he admired someone’s talent was hilarious. Her Deadpan deliveries kill me when she points out the obvious. (Much like Phlox except his observation is delivered with a smile that seems to make him either appear naive or winking depending on the viewer’s mood)

A mediocre episode but still better than most other first season shows I’ve seen. At least they didn’t screw up Trek continuity.

I thought he was pissed because Archer was messing with a dead person. He asked Archer what he hoped to accomplish by recovering the escape pod. Didn’t he say “You obviously don’t need my assistance”? Maybe some earlier lines of the Doctor were edited out.

See the official acknowledgement.


Ep was okay, not great. Only made me cringe a couple of times when Archer played exccedingly dumb. “Gee whiz! Let’s go exploring. What? Do you mean someone else out here might not be as happy-go-lucky as we? Oops - looks like I’ve flown my crew directly into danger again for the nth conseciutive week.”

Yes but it makes no sense, has he not done an autopsy before?
I may be wrong, maybe his race has strict cultural laws about dealing with the dead. If that is the case I withdraw my objection as it could create an interesting addition to his character. If not then Pheh!

Episodes based on Shakespeare? cool! i can’t wait until the Titus Andronicus episode! Porthos is dehanded, detongued, and violated by two evil klingon sons of the first federation president’s wife, a captured klingon babe. Archer chops off his hand, but it is sent back with the heads of Mayweather and Tucker. Then Archer cooks the sons and feeds them to the President and his wife, causing a bloodfest to ensue and everyone dies but Reed.

But next week Reed’s father in Denmark was murdered by poison poured in his ear, causing him to return to Earth to investigate the death and meet his new father…

“And what’ll you do if she gets hurt? Program a…Holographic Doctor?”

Next week appears to be a repeat of “Dear Doctor” and the week after a repeat of “Sleeping Dogs”.

I knew 5 minutes in, Rene Aubajahoobiee and the daughter are real and everyone else is a hologram.

I kept expecting a plot twist beyond that. There were none.

Like many other posters I found it derivative of the Dowd/Husnaak ep of ST:NG and the holovillage ep of DS9.

RE T’pol’s clothes-As a Vulcan, she has no modesty. A tight uniform serves to distract and intimidate males of other species. Remember when she uses Umox to get close enough to administer the pinch?
Further, babes in tight clothes=ratings. One cannot deny the logic of sex-kitten outfits.*

*Please note that only the ST:TOS episode “The Remarkable Mister Seven” actually featured a sex-kitten. Mr Seven’s cat. Isis IIRC, changes into a scantily clad woman in one shot.

don’t forget the three breasted cat lady from Star Trek 5. Too bad so much else of Star Trek 5 is worth forgetting…

I had forgotten her. Actually, there’s a lot I like in Star Trek V. It’s only the main plot that stinks. I love Sybok. I kept hoping one of the later series would have a colony of Vulcans who have rejected logic and follow his teachings.

Plus, Trek V had David Warner (Sark, the Voice of Ras Al Ghul in Batman:The Animated Series, the Kardassian interrogator in ST:TNG episodes Chain Of Command 1&2).

BTW-Tars, I’d think you’d be more interested in the Trek’s green women.