Enterprise Rajiin Spoilers

It doesn’t fellate.
Some girl takes X-Rays.
Legitimate panda.
What’s his name speaks.
What the hell happened to Hoshi?
Tars Takas alert: Hoshi Panda.

This is good, back up to standard from last week.

You ask where Hoshi is, then mention Hoshi Panda? You are torturing Tars!

Patrick Stewart is on Frasier tonight.

He played a gay guy.

Kn*ckers, where are you!!!

Come back, Shane!

Hoshi, you say???

Hmm, panda again and even Trip is concerned about it now “The crew are starting to talk”.

Well, those of us working down here in engineering with nary a chance to shine have to know these things “So what is Trip doing with… and after all didn’t he get pregnant last year…man he’s a lucky sonfo…etc” after all if we can’t gossip what is there? Just another show where we don’t get on camera, gah.

But aside from that strange bout of engineer talk from me, what about the episode? Well much better, back on good form I’d say, well, as close to good form as Enterprise gets.

More Xindi meetings, space battles and tantalising glimpses of quantums bod for the ladies. What more could you want.


So, what’s going to happen to Star Trek?

  1. The Paramount Powers That Be will realize Berman and Braga are to blame for the franchise’s woes, and replace them.


  1. The PPTB will decide there’s no more life in the franchise, and they’ll kill it.


  1. Other?

Personally I think it needs another fifteen year hiatus to allow it to find a new group to bring it back with fresh ideas and a new vision.

There may be several series but the current incarnation is really just a continuation of the same ideas that started in the late 1980’s. It hasn’t a chance to break and regroup so it has become stale and lacks anything that makes it standout against other Sci Fi shows.

Personally I think an anthology show may have worked that way you could do different times and different crews even having characters die who normally wouldn’t (say a an entire Bridge crew) You could even have real exploration of Trek history
Such as:
Who is Garth of Izar and what did he do that made him manditory study?
The First contact with the Iotians, watching the contamination by the crew of teh Horizon.
What was the final peace between the Klingons and the Federation? (It couldn’t be Star Trek VI because Worf talks about The peace as coming later)
You could use retro sets (Like that of the Cage) and uniforms, You can have reoccuring crews and best yet you can concentrate on good stories.
I’d call it Star Trek: Federation

As Marshall Dillon said, “Yeah Festus, but she’s the only one in town.”

I’m happy with this episode, particularly when compared with Extinction. It is after all television, and must survive in the medium.
Your idea is very good, but I think it would be panned as “retelling old stories, no new stuff.”

“Retelling old stories, no new stuff”. Huh. So unlike now. Not that I really NEED new stories, the old ones still work. Especially with more shootin’. That’s what we need, more shootin’.

Yeah, yeah, three dimentional characters and solid storylines with at least a nod to continuity, blah, blah, blah.

Panda and shootin’. It’s a perfect plan.

How does one pronounce raijin? Raging? Rye-gin?

Rehashed aren’t always bad- but the fact that they have been rehashing stinker TNG episodes is an unusual choice.

The Panda doesn’t help things, especially the hamfisted manner that they are doing it in. Is this the late night Cinimax version of Star Trek, or bad slash with the sex scenes deleted?

TNG and DS9 didn’t need panda. Hell, even Voyager didn’t.

More action, stronger plots, less Hoshi and Mayweather, more Chef and the Doctor Flox, less plot stealing from TNG. That’s what they need. How about featuring those Marines a bit more.

After doing furry Panda last week, what group are they going for this week? :eek:

I believe it is pronounced RAH gene.

Aside from the pressure point T’Pol/Trip crap, the panda involves seduction by Rajiin rather like the salt vampire in TOS. There is some skin in a alve girl market. No green Orion slave girls, though. Sorry, Tars. Acceptable if they didn’t do it all the damn time.

My hijack wasn’t asking what Star Trek needs, but rather what Paramount is going to do.

  1. could happen, but you’d think it would have by now.
  2. It lives and dies by the ratings. Right now they’re twice as high as they were last spring–not great, by good considering that UPN has most of the lowest rated shows on Tv aside from the WB and Fox. There is a contingent of people out there sending snail mail and email and putting out ads in support of the show–not just to make sure it will last a couple more seasons, but to try to avoid killing any future Trek incarnations.
  3. ?
  1. Trek won’t die anytime soon

  2. The anthology idea is any true Trekkie/Trekker’s wet dream but is never going to happen with the current Powers that Be.

  3. Panda isn’t an Enterprise phenomenon: Star Trek was almost nothing but during some episodes; Next Gen used Troi’s low cut spandex outfits for it; DS9 changed the whole concept of the Trill since Terry Farrel (Dax) was “too attractive to be covered by protheses”; and Voyager really got into it hardcore with Seven.

  4. I still haven’t seen last week’s episode and won’t see this one for another week. Not having UPN sucks.

You’re right - the anthology thing would be great, but it’s never going to happen, and it has nothing to do with the current PTB. It has more to do with the nature of television and how it and its audience has evolved over the last 40 years.

I know I’ve mentioned this in another thread, but it bears repeating. Name the last anthology series that was successful on television. And I mean a pure anthology series like has been proposed here. I can’t think of any in the last 30-40 years. Television has become, not story driven, but character driven. The average viewer tunes into a show because s/he wants to follow the “life” of a set of characters, not because they are being presented with ineteresting or challenging stories. All you have to do is populate your shows with characters that are likeable, interesting, or properly “quirky”, and if the writing is at least decent, people will watch (a mainstream show, at least. SF, as a niche market, has to work harder than most).

Law and Order.

Also, how many of those failed anthology series had a built-in fanbase that’s used to both plot (TOS) and character (TNG on) driven episodes and would watch anything with its title slapped on it?

In slight defense of Berman and Braga, they did do a good job of the last few seasons of TNG. Without their drive for good stories, and their grasp of gasp continuity, we never would have had such winners as as Starship Mine and All Good Things.

As for their continuity, look at the Maquis. They started it in TNG (Ensign Ro), kept it up in DS9, and used it as the start of VOY. So, they can do good things.

But, they need to let happen to them what they did to Roddenberry and Fontana. Namely, get some new blood and new focus and remember what continuity used to look like. If it means surrendering day to day power and involvment, maybe they should…

I think the movies have had no small part in how TPTB look at the franchise. Movies have a huge appeal for studios because of the pontental for major bucks coming in based just on how long it stay in theatres and how many tickets get sold. TV bucks vary based on night/time shown, market share of available watchers, target audiance for adverts, etc…

I don’t have the answers, obviously. But I think the question is a lot more complicated than many of us realise.

And furthermore…


Why no DS 9 movies, NoClue?

I liked the teaser. Moves the arc forward. Aids continuity.
I like the floating marketplace. And the search for trillium-d.