Trek Dopers! Enterprise Season 3 starts 9/10/03

Not on the web site yet. I saw a 10 second blurb on UPN about 10 minutes ago.
You gonna watch?

I have to. I swore an oath by the mighty Feklar that I would avenge all who disappoint Trekkers, so I have to see if the 3rd season Enterprise revives the franchise, or kills it. Or just bores the hell out of everyone who really wanted to be entertained again by a Star Trek series or movie.

If one can believe the hype, this season might be truly good. And even Trekky. But, we’ve been lied to before. See STV:TFF

With all the violence and conflict and hard stories promised, I hope they don’t forget the Panda.


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Number One.

Actually I am looking forward to the new season. I had pretty much lost interest in ST, haven’t even seen the last movie yet. But I feel while the season finale had some flaws, it did peak my interest on how the new story line might develope. Much like the next Star Wars movie, I am hoping it is worthwhile, and will see it, but I am not getting my expectations up.

I’ve caught some Enterprise reruns lately, and I didn’t find them half bad, so I’ll probably read up on some episode synopsis for last season and start watching regularly when 3 starts.

Well, let’s be fair. Most of the Trek franchises didn’t hit their stride in their first, second, or even third seasons. Enterprise isn’t half bad (ducking as various multi-phasic vegetables are hurled my way) already, and methinks that it promises to get even better. At least, I am keeping the faith, as I swear on the leisure suit of Vic Fontaine.

To answer the OP, yes, I am gonna watch…Timmy

I’ll watch, if I have a television at that point. :slight_smile:

Yes. I need an excuse to post in the Enterprise threads and to harass Linus.

I was a bit surprised that they deceided to switch from rehashing Next Generation plots to rehashing Voyager and DS9 plots (at the same time even).

Won’t someone think of the Panda!


Please let T’Pol wear the white suit every episode. Please let T’Pol wear the white suit every episode. . . .

Me? Watch Enterprise? Surely you can’t be serious!

[sub](yes, yes, you are serious, and stop calling you Shirley, i got it…)[/sub]

Sure, I’ll watch Enterprise’s next season, but I’m pretty much treating this entire series as fanfic. It’s better that way.

I don’t know why. You never needed an excuse before. For either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, NCB, if you’re Number One, who’s the captain?

…just don’t say Aesiron…just don’t say Aesiron

I watched the first few episodes of season one and then that night fell off of my TV radar (I usually only watch TV on Sunday nights other than 24). Could someone recap the story ark for the past two seasons? All of the threads about the show on this board seem to be playing some sort of wierd game where they make up stuff that never happened amongst the real reviews. Bizarre, I just don’t get the Enterprise threads. Can’t figure out what is real and what is a joke. We don’t play any of that funny business in the 24 threads.

So, without any fake stuff, what has happened so far? (Pretty much assures me that I’ll get NOTHING BUT fake stuff, but what the hell). Season 1 & 2 recap? Anyone?

DaLovin’ Dj

Turns out it is all a joke. Enterprise isn’t a real TV show.

No, doof! (Linus)

I’m Locutus of Borg.

Thatt’s what PS said to JF at the end of the cliffhanger part of Best of Both Worlds

So… I guess that makes the first answer post Number One (Riker) in temporary command.

Aes is the barber, Mot.


We play on the ENT threads because half the shows have sucked so far. The good ones are really good, tho, so we haven’t given up yet.

Strory arc:

Humans finally have a Warp 5 ship, the NSX Enterprise, so they decide to really start some exploration.
Vulcans have been “guiding” humans along but are very stuck up about it and basically want to hold back the underdeveloped race of Man.

There is no Federation yet.

A temporal cold war has chosen Quantum as a focal point ot fight over. Innuendo leads us to believe Quantum has something major to do with the developemnt of the Federation and the Prime Directive.

The insane Vulcan woman on board is growing accustomed to the Humans and may (in time) help shape a new attitude towards Humans for the Vulcans.

A new arc was introduced as a semi-cliffhanger. The Xindi, figured that Humans wipe them out in the future, so they atttack Earth and kill Tripp’s sister.

This leads to a mission of scouting/war for the crew in the 3rd season which has been talked up a bit as a lot of action and deep stories.

If you actually watch the episodes, the threads are self explanatory. If you miss one (or some) and aren’t familiar with us (Trek Dopers), you will be hopelessly lost. We tried some changes, but they just don’t last. I blame Linus and Cervaise. I’ve never posted fake, weird, or misleading hijacks*.

And, we have a lot of very creative people posting to those threads. It can be entertaing. FTR, I always preface my real comments with something on the order of “15 minutes into episode, what does Phlox mean by saying…” or “The teaser doesn’t fit the blah blah blah…” or something similar. Regular trek Dopers catch on, but it is very hard to follow if you’re not regular. And I doubt it will change much over season 3.

Usually, the real discussion is about early page 2 or late page 1 to around 4 or so, then it becomes hijacks again.

  • a blatant lie

You’re just jealous because my Muppet Trek sketch was one of the funniest hijacks in these threads. *

Doh! Locutus. I thought you were signing yourself as number one. :smack:

Aes as the barber, huh? I’m not letting him anywhere near me with a sharp object. And don’t try telling me how well phaser-cutting phasers work on hair.

I’m moderately hopeful for this season, but not too hopeful. I am curious to see what they do with yet another new race that I don’t recall being mentioned in previous series. Maybe they get wiped out during a war, which would explain a few things…

  • a blatant bit of egotistical self-promotion.

Right – we just bitch about how stupid Kim was this week, while enjoying her clingy/low-cut shirts at the same time. :smiley:

JustPlainBryan – which season is it you are treating as fanfic? upcoming season 3, or the just-finished season 2 (which didn’t really happen…)? ::grin::

I’m including the whole series in this!

Anyone here think the Xindi are really going to be some familiar alien who just have a temporary name change?