Enterprise Segue to Generations

According to this IMDB article (spoiler, kinda), the finale of Star Trek: Enterprise is going to connect to ST:TNG, and will guest star Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis. I’m no expert on the timeline, aren’t the two generations hundreds of years apart? How are they going to guest star? Will it be Riker and Troi alone in an Enterprise hallway saying, “Man, that Captain Archer… what a guy!”? Or something more involved?

Enterprise overdid the time-travel thing to such a degree that the inclusion of Sirtis and Frakes deserves little more than a shrug.

I understand it’s going to involve Riker and Troi watching a Holodeck recreation of an Enterprise mission.


Nothing ever sucks so badly that Brannon Braga can’t take it to new levels of suckitude…

I hope it’s not this stupid. Maybe Riker and Troi are watching the top secret file since I don’t think they have time to properly integrate this series into the continuity.

If Berman and Braga really want to piss on the fanbase, then maybe it’ll turn out that “Enterprise” is actually a big long holo-novel, and the main characters are all junior officers on the Enterprise-E.

Besides, once Crewman Daniels waved the magic wand after Archer blew up the alien Nazi thing, the Temporal Cold War never even happened. How would Riker and Troi know about the first 2 seasons?

Shit like this is why ST hasn’t been must-see-TV for me for a long time.

Wait a minute – I thought it was not the Temporal Cold War that never happened, but the actual WAR that started between all the factions (of the TCW) that never happened, since Vosk (sp?) never showed up to start the real conflict.

Like it matters. If only Daniels would have sent Archer back to the 21st century to erase Braga from history… :wink:

Unfortunately, he’d have to have started earlier. Voyager began in 1995.

I was going to post this weeks ago when the spoilers broke but I read that week’s Enterprise review thread and decided no one really cared. It’s a shame B&B decided that this was going to be the finale. Manny Coto would have given us something worthy, considering that there may be no new Trek for years now.

It’s not even a new script, it’s one B&B crapped out last year when Season 4 was still up in the air.

According to reputable sources at the TrekBBS this episode (titled “These Are The Voyages”) is going to suck. Actually, it’s going to fellate… with great alacrity. It’s about 1/3 TNG episode, with Riker playing on the holodeck during a TNG-era crisis, so no Captain Riker on the Titan. What we know of the story so far: It’s set four years in the Enterprise future (from where they are now) and the crew is back at Earth for the founding of the Federation. Shran and his daughter are present as well and are threatened by the Alien of the Week. Riker is watching this play out on the holodeck of the Enterprise D, apparently taking on the role of various crewmembers throughout. The Enterprise is decomissioned by the end of the episode. Also, Trip dies

I could express an opinion about what I put in the spoiler boxes there but it’s more suited for the Pit.

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