Enterprise - Update me

I haven’t seen an episode of Enterprise in about 18 months.

Can someone update me on what’s been going on in just a few paragraphs?

Thanks in advance…

[spoiler]An alien race was goaded into attacking the earth because they were told by people from the future (?) that Humans were Bad. So they killed 7 million people in Florida for no good reason when the aliens should have waited until they could kill everybody instead, with no warning. Having been warned, the humans sent the Enteprise out there to Do Something About It. They did.

Archer has furrowed his brow many a time.
Mayweather has piloted the ship.
Hoshi has been stalked by a telepathic alien.
Reed is very British.
Dr. Phlox is very, very strange.
They’ve got a bunch of security people on board the ship who demonstrate that they’re obviously on a different timeline than Classic Trek because whenever they lose their weapon in a fight, they pull out another weapon.
Tip and T’Pol are in luuurve but won’t admit it to each other, in spite of the fact that they’ve been groping each other for the past year.
T’Pol turns out to be a crack-addled lunatic, but they keep letting her command the Enterprise because the humans have no idea that when a Vulcan loses control over her emotions, that’s a Very Bad Thing.

Now they’re stuck in 1943.[/spoiler]

So, when’s the last episode you saw?

I suggest going to Television Without Pity and getting caught up.

I don’t think the Enterprise was transported back to 1943. If you remember the scene, it was set in San Francisco and involved the city under siege by Nazis. Assuming that the timelines were pretty similar and the Americans entered the war in 1941 as they did in ours, two years is a bit fast for the Reich to have reached the opposite shores of the North American continent.

Based on that, I got the impression that it was a world still fighting WWII years after it ended here but that is a supposition on my part only.

I haven’t done too much research on what happened in the last five minutes, since they’re going to feel free to ignore any of it when it comes time to do the time-travel reset again, but it looked to me like Archer got sent back to WWII. Whether the Enterprise went back to that time period or not is unclear; I didn’t recognize the planes or markings (I thought they were Mustangs?).

Given that both sides were experimenting with jet engines at the end of our timeline’s WWII, the idea that they’d still be using prop-driven fighters 200 years later is a bit of a stretch, so it just seemed simpler for Michelin Man to have sent them all back to 1943.

Although there have been numerous examples of civilizations whose technology got locked into a single time period (that western episode comes to mind)…

That’s a good point. Now that I think about it, I can’t remember for sure if Archer was in San Francisco or somewhere in Germany. I just assumed they were in the same city.

Those were P-51 Mustangs that attacked the shuttlepod and they were “D” model or later (bubble canopies), which means 1944 or later. Markings were US Army Air Corps, didn’t get a good look at any unit markings to see if they had any business being over San Francisco.

They also didn’t mention whether the Nazi field hospital Archer winds up in is in Europe or the US. For once I’m actually hoping for a cheezy time-travel plot - WWII lasting 200 years with technology stalling at 1944 level just makes too little sense. It makes even less sense than EVIL REPTILE NAZI ALIENS!

Just to clarify, I didn’t mean that WWII was still being fought in 2150 with WWII tech. When I said it went on longer than usual, I meant maybe to the fifties since I erroneously assumed the planes over San Francisco were German and not American.

I didn’t really look at the markings on the planes. Oops.

According to the Trek Today spoilers, it’s 1944.