Entertainment properties you enjoy that never gets a fair shake...

  • Real mystery stories. And when I say mystery, I mean mystery, where clues are given that the reader and detective use to figure out what’s going on, not the glorified crime/suspense novels that publishers try to pass off as “mysteries” these days. I guess modern readers are seen as too impatient to actually try to figure out a puzzle for themselves, which is a huge shame, especially since it extends to the too-early demise of stuff I do like, like the manga Kindaichi Case Files. (Yes, I know Case Closed does a fine job of what I’m talking about, and I appreciate that, but I still HATE that it’s so popular while Kindaichi languishes. PLUS, Case Closed too is an example of my annoyance - look at how it was treated, and then cancelled, by Adult Swim!)

  • Friday the 13th, the Series. As in the TV series, not the movies. It was a pretty good series that was still getting decent ratings when it was unceremoniously canceled. Worse, it gets conflated with the movies all the time - e.g. those idiots on fanfiction.net who constantly put movie-related 'fics in the TV show’s section. Granted, this, and other such wounds, are partly the fault of the show’s creators, but I’m still steamed, especially over the treatment it got NOT related to the title.

What’re yours?

The Shadow Hearts series of video games for the Playstation 2. They were really ridiculously great, and by all means should have become a mega-franchise along the lines of Final Fantasy. They’re interesting enough and different enough from other RPG’s that they fulfill a niche that is now left unfulfilled by their absence.