Entourage 7/16 - Talk about bringing the heat

So were you kids watching this episode? It had it all. A super steamy hot threesome with E and Sloan, it’s about time they got back to some gratuitous nudity. And this was no throw away bimbo either.

We had Ari having a complete and utter melt down. Totally vintage.

We had Lloyd actually coming through with a job for Drama putting Ari in his place. Lloyd’s the best.

We had a Brokeback Aquaman joke at the expense of Jake Gyllenhal.

Vince is up against it and has Warner Brothers blackballing him.

I was literally laughing out loud when Ari started to throw his computer out the window. And I was perched on the edge of my seat when the girls started going at it.

Entourage has hit it’s stride, and this episode might be one of the best yet, certainly the best this season. Talk to me people.

I dunno, the girls seemed more like a male fantasy than anything real–waitaminnut, the whole damn show is that!

Just that I like Sloane and Eric together and don’t like to see blonde bimbos messing it up.

Great Ari / Vince stuff, though. Vince was playing in the deep end, and got in over his head. Poor, poor Ari.

I like Vince’s plan of doing the movie for the contract price of 7 million. Notice how Ari said 10 million.

Damn I love Ari.

Yeah, I noticed that, you just knew Ari wouldn’t let a few million dollars slide, though all that money goes to his old agency so I’m not sure what was in it for him besides greasing the skids with Vince and the crew.

I’m at a loss to predict how this will all play out. Since they got Paul Haggis to cameo, like James Cameron last season, you have to assume that he’ll end up doing Medellin when it’s all said and done, but right now Vince lost both roles and there might be another Asian soft drink commercial looming.

Would Ari lie to Vince about Medellin going to another actor? He wouldn’t, would he? It was all worked out with Haggis. Why would Haggis get another actor? Did I miss something?

I was thinking that too. I don’t want Ari to lie to Vince. But it seems like a trick he’d pull.

But then again, not really. I really hope they don’t do that.

Another thought I also had. Haggis already came to Vince and said he couldn’t stomach any other actor with the role, so giving it to Benicio now is a total 180. Of course it could have something to do with the guys at Warner putting the screws to Haggis, or it could be Ari lying to him for leverage. Still, I think Ari knows better than to lie to Vince. Between the guy at Warner lying now, and what happened last time Ari lied to Vince about a studio to manipulate him it’d be too risky. Vince is Ari’s paycheck now instead of just one of many before, so betraying him would be potential suicide. Then again, Warner could crush him too, so perhaps he’s got nothing to lose.

Don’t forget, Ari has already done exactly that. When Vince was resisting Aquaman he told them that the role was given to Leonardo DeCaprio, which turned out to be a total lie. The guys found out and busted Ari’s balls for a good bit over it. So yeah he’d certainly do it, but the situation is different now and plus the gimmick has already been used. Makes be doubt it’ll happen again.

This was a great show, but my favorite so far this season was the second episode, “One Day in the Valley,” with the homage to Almost Famous.

I didn’t even know about that!

Having Haggis and knowing this is one of Ari’s tricks, it’s very possible that Medellin is still a possiblility for Vince.

Was Vince that mad at Ari for lying to him before?

He was pretty mad, but he didn’t rage over it too much. They made it pretty clear that Ari was not to lie to them ever again if they wanted to stay his agent.

I liked that Lloyd was able to find a part for Drama. Given the loyalty he’s demonstrated, he deserves to move beyond being an assistant and he’s certainly qualified to do so.

I just got into the show this season, it’s pretty good. I liked this ep, and I’m curious to see how Vince regains his feet after this. How is he going to regain the approval of WB? Tough stuff, good drama.

I think that Cameron was actually meeting with Di Caprio in Paris. It was a waiter at a club that told them about it, not Ari. Remember, Di Caprios table was open, and the waiter said, “he’s meeting wtih James Cameron in Paris – something about a fish movie”.

Still, he might have been lying about Benicio.

Good episode. Ari was hilarious on the phone with the Warner guy. . .the long, silent, “fuuuuuccckkkk”. The fist-fuck miming. Hilarious.

I love Lloyd. I’m glad he’s getting his thing going.

Still, looks like we’re getting back into “will he or won’t he get the role” for the major source of the drama which will play out until the last episode when he actually gets a role. They need to do something to turn that on it’s ear one of these seasons. Of course it would be tough for them to break the male-fantasy world they’ve established. You’re always rooting for these guys.

I love Jeremy Piven, he’s so good. Have we had a John Cusack cameo yet in the show in any of the seasons?

“Would Ari lie to Vince?” Come on … Ari lies constantly to everyone, including Vince.
I thought the show kind of blew it by making Aquaman a huge hit (no way, in no conceivable universe would Aquaman beat Spiderman’s opening gross… no f-ing way). I think they have turned things around by having Vince screw up with the A2/Medellin situation. I would give the show major kudos if it followed Vince down back to a middling career and then to TV. Make Vincent Chase a flash in the pan actor.

Last season I felt focused moreso on the ongoing relationship with Mandy Moore than on the “what movie is next” drama. Remember he’d been given the part officially in episode 7 last year. Vince almost backing out due to Mandy was the key drama, a decided diversion from last year’s Queens Boulevard drama.

It’d be interesting, but they can’t do it yet. Vince needs his “The Pacifier” movie before he fades into MotW territory.

Still, I enjoy the cars and money and sexy women far too much to want to imagine this show devolving into a melodrama with deep lows and cathartic heartbreak. It’s Vinny and the gang having life by the balls that makes it fun, if he ends up a flash in the pan it’ll take the humor out of it and at that point I might as well be watching a E! True Hollywood Story.

Of course doing a E! True Hollywood Story gimmick after the final season (say in 2012, god willing) might be priceless.

Just saw the episode. I’m almost certain that the threesome friend is one of the uber hotties from the Bacardi + Cola commercials. Good stuff.

Heidi Marnhout. Doesn’t list her in “Other Works” as the woman in the Bacardi and Cola commercials, but that doesn’t really mean anything.

I recognized her from Bubba Ho-Tep.