Entourage: Thanks, Ari...

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This was the best one of the season, I think. It was cool to see Vinny finally show some real emotion (throwing the phone), and it was also nice to see some tensions finally boil over between him and E. That being said, I still thought it was nice that they had a happy ending; this entire season was plagued by negativity, I thought, and I’m glad that Vince looks like he’ll be back on top (or at lest getting there) in season six.

I know I’m the only person who has responded to this thread, so that might be an indication that no one still watches it (here, anyway), but if not, who was the actor who played Ronny? It isn’t on IMDB, and I know that guy looks really familiar; he was either in an older episode of Entourage, or another HBO show like Curb or Sopranos.

And speaking of actors in last night’s episode, was Turtle’s mom played by the same woman who played her a couple seasons ago (I forget which episode had her and the Chases’ mom fly out there)? Last night’s Turtle’s mom seemed fatter or something than she did before.

I really liked this series. Out of the 12 episodes it had 4 or 5 really top notch episodes. I don’t think it was so much negative as driven by the fact that Vinnie’s career is at a crossroads. I had figured after all the machinations by Ari to get Vince Smokejumpers that he was going to nail it and steal the movie.

But when they started showing the filming I knew it was going to end up poorly - all the other movies are “shot” during the season break, so something bad had to happen on set.

I thought the resolution was nicely done and I like the fact that throughout the season, whatever was going on, the guys stayed friends and really did have each others interests in mind. They all seemed kind of more adult, why more noble even by the end of the series.

I thought it was a contrived ending to a contrived season. I never bought the fall from the top. This is an actor with proven talent (Head On, QB) who starred in the highest grossing movie ever (Aquaman), and then runs off to make a small passion project that totally bombed. I just never bought Medellin tanking his career. I don’t pretend to know anything about the motion picture business, but just by common sense, the most any studio executive should conclude is that the guy can’t produce his own films. So get him a good director and a big budget movie and promote the hell out of it. He’s never failed at that. And medellin was released direct to DVD so nobody outside of Hollywood even saw the film and his public perception shouldn’t have been hurt much.

If anything studios shouldn’t want to work with him because of the way he was a baby over Aquaman. But even then, he ultimately was willing to do it, and the studio head who died on the golf course risked a billion dollar franchise out of spite. It wasn’t all Vince’s fault by any means.

I actually enjoyed the whole season, especially the last 2 episodes. It just seemed so contrived.

No, but that titty-fit he threw at E was indeed all his fault. He was being a petulant asshole, and I have a hard time believing that everything really is totally hunky-dory, that there’s no lingering resentment just because Vince said, “Oh, yeah, sorry about that whole firing-you-and-telling-you-you’re-incompetent thing.”

I’ve only been watching the last couple-three seasons (since right before Aquaman was released), but I’ve never seen E act without Vince’s best interests at heart. And when they disagree about business stuff, E is always right. He’s the one who called the career-sinking train wreck for what it was, and he was pooh-poohed and told he just didn’t know anything about show business or what a good movie was. He’s the one who single-handedly got Vinnie what’s arguably the biggest role of his life so far; neither Vince nor Ari would have had the giblets to send those clips to Gus Van Sant, and even if they had their egos wouldn’t have let them cool their heels in the lobby for Og knows how long and then beg repeatedly for a chance send in some film. And his reward was to be accused of humiliating Vince with his incompetence and fired.

After all that, there’d be one hell of a lot of “fuck Vinnie Chase and his hot air balloon-size ego right up the ass with a rusty chainsaw” lurking around in me. Maybe E is just a much better person than I am, or maybe that’s going to be a source of tension in the next season.

You are not alone! Another faithful entourage fan here. Love that show. Not the best season, but still better than most other TV out there. The ending set them up on a good note for next season, and the Scorsese movie films in NY, so I assume they’ll be keeping the boys there for at least the first part of Season 6, which means we will probably see a lot more of the Queens characters. (wow 5 seasons have gone by already). and mm mm mm jamie lynn…

Yea and if it wasn’t for Vince, E would be making pizzas. And admittedly, until the Scorsese movie popped out of the hat, it really did look like E fucked up.

Yep, he was on an older episode of Entourage, playing the same wheedling shyster. The Sopranos, too; there, he played the FBI agent that managed Big Pussy just prior to him getting whacked.

Dunno about Turtle’s Mom.

There’s a lot at stake here. If Ari’s behavior has taught us anything (btw, Ari is said to be based on Ari Emmanuel, an actual agent, and brother to Democratic big-shot Rahm Emmanuel) it’s that this isn’t a game for the thin-skinned. Elbows get sharp.

Having said that, yeah, E’s been right more than wrong.

OTOH, the whole “begging repeatedly” thing isn’t usually successful. Desperation is never pretty. I kinda agree with Vince on this one.

I thought that ending came out of left field, but it was just what I needed to end this down-season on an up-note.

Also, Turtle/Jamie-Lynn is a real-life thing. Go Jerry Ferrara. link

E didn’t really fuck up anything, even if Scorsese didn’t show up. What’s the worst that would happen? Vince would be not doing a Gus Van Sant movie the same amount whether E went in there or not.

I do seem to remember a few episodes where Ari went to extraordinary lengths to try to get Vince a role, including waiting in someone’s office. Although it’s probably more likely he would just make some homophobic comment to the assistant and just barge into the directors office.

It was nice to see Vince actually get worked up for once.
It also looks like E’s management business is taking off.

And Edgar “Mith Drithcoll” on 24.

I was kinda disappointed in the sugary ending, but looking back, I guess that was a nice contrast to the depression of the rest of the season. I initially thought they should have ended the episode as Ari handed the phone to Vince in the bar in Queens.