Entourage: the beginning of the end?

Watching the current season of Entourage I’ve got the sense that all the wheels have fallen off the Vinnie Chase wagon – and no way in hell are they going to be put back on.

It was bad enough he had a stinker of a movie and can’t get a job. But now he can’t even get a party appearance to go right.

It really seems like Vinnie could be a one-hit wonder, with Aquaman under his belt, and then he gets to follow in his brother’s footsteps.

It’s fiction. It’s artificial tension. As long as the series can make money for HBO, Vinnie will do fine.

I do think it would be an interesting arc to take if Vinnie’s career kept sliding into decline, but Drama’s continued to climb. It would be a nice bit of irony if Drama ended up being the bigger star in the long run – say he caught lightning in a bottle and was able to score an Oscar nomination for a supporting role in some indie film or something.

I thought this episode was extremely predictable…

OK, so I didn’t know exactly how Johnny was going to ruin the party, but you knew it was coming. Could they have telegraphed it anymore? And you know those gun toting writers are gonna have a big problem with any script adjustments, and especially a title change.

But, like previous seasons, there are weaker episodes that serve to setup better ones down the line.

BTW, loved that “sweet” sixteen girl - classy. Anyone from the LA area that can confirm the stereotype?

The show is more interesting when Vince is struggling to make it as an actor, although part of the appeal is their over-the-top lifestyle. I can’t say I’m surprised by the bankruptcy plotline. From the numbers given on the show, it never made sense that they could afford to live as well as they did. (Although the fancy house in the first season was provided by the studio.)

Well, the show is produced by Mark Wahlberg, and takes aspects from his own life, so I would say that you can expect Vince to do a couple of stinkers and then resurface, just like Walhberg did with–


you can expect Vince to do a bunch of stinlkers, receive some mild praise for a supporting character in an Scorcese movie and the get back into turkeyland.

I’ve thought the start of this season was particularly strong. It feels like the writers have largely gone back to their roots with the show.

Over the last couple seasons they really went away from the womanizing and the T & A that was the icing on the cake for the comedy. So far this season that’s back as a driving force for the guys and for the viewers.

I like that Vinnie is back to caring about his career. For a while there he was trending towards the eccentric, uncooperative prima donna. Now that he’s willing to work and extend himself to get what he wants it is reminiscent of the first season. The over confidence might have been accurate for a up and coming actor, but it wasn’t as much fun to watch.

I like that Ari is being honest with Vince about his acting ability. For the first time he’s not getting smoke blown up his ass. We’ll see if this comes back to bite him, Vince could suddenly get the Yips if he becomes too unsure of his ability.

The scene where Ari slaps Adam Davies is just priceless. I loved the whole drag racing and escalating pranks story and then Ari going all medieval.

I wonder if the downfall of Vince’s career will mean more real world actors will make cameos as costars or rivals as well as Ari’s clients. The show has been very insular since the Aquaman storyline so perhaps this will be a return to form. I liked when the show was the “It show” for IRL Hollywood actors to be on.

One thing I keep wondering about the show is where are the paparazzi? Vinny is frequently compared to Tobey McGuire in terms of star power. Tobey can’t leave his house without being trailed by pararazzi. And now Vince is supposed to be dating a pop star. There would be camera men hounding him day and night.

Are you under some presumption that the show is intended to be a realistic presentation of an actors life? Do you think that a constant mob of paparazzi following our star around would make for good comedy over and over again? Would it be better if they featured it for a couple episodes and mined it for comedy and drama and then backtracked and disregarded it?

The downturn of vinie’s career is obviously to provide a dramtic contrast for his comeback to stardom. They practically told you so in the first episode of this season when the track “Return of the Mack” played as Ari and E flew in to bring Vince back to LA.

If we are to take on board the logic of the story, Vince has all the chops of a first rate actor. What he doesn’t have is the ability to make smart career choices, and neither does anyone in his crew, and this is what sets up the tension.

As an aside, does anyone else think that Drama is the best thing on that whole show. Sure Piven is a master, but that role just suits him like an old t-shirt. I get the feeling that Vince is just playing himself, Turtle does a passable job, E’s role could be played by anyone without major brain damage, but Drama just nails it in every single episode.


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Nah, not for me. I think he’s too much of a cartoon. Some of his bits are gold (Victory!) but he’s best when limited to small doses. As the butt of jokes he’s useful and as the overly self-serious contrast to Vinnie and Turtle he works, but when they make him too unbelievably insane it can be too much.

I think E is unnecessarily criticized, I think he does a pretty good job as the straight man. He’s the most relatable character on the show, and usually being realistic is the most challenging part of being an actor.

I think there are two types of Entourage fans: those who like Drama, and those who like E. Drama and Turtle are ok in small doses for comic relief, but I like the show best when it focuses on Vinny and E. Ari is the icing on the cake.

Of course, the real question is when Emmanuel Chriqui will be back.

This week’s ep had one of the best throw-away lines of the series: “Somebody went out with him?”

You gotta love Shauna.

Yeah, I guess he is cartoonish, but maybe that’s why I like him. In fact, he’s a bit Homer Simpson-esque - living constantly with the feeling that there’s some big secret that everyone else knows but him.

Of course! Calf-muscle implants! That’s what I need, how could I have been so blind all this time?!