Entourage (7/22/07)

No Entourage thread?

OK… This was a pretty so-so episode, but I just wanted to say: EDGAR!!! Great to see you again.

Yeah I wasn’t too impressed with this thread. Walsh is pissing me off quick and I’m ready for him to hit the road. And DAMNIT I want to know if Medellin sucks or rocks, stop making the comment that no one knows if the movie is good or not.

– IG

As weak as the OP was, I hope you meant “episode”, not “thread”. :slight_smile:

Once again, the main plot was entertaining (Ari and Lloyd are always gold), while the Turtle/Drama shenanigans were just silly. I mean, they’re acting like they just threw money away. Worst case, they bought a valuable collectible, and can just go re-auction it. They may have overpaid, but it’s not like they’re out 60 grand.