Entourage (& Lucky Louie)

I don’t think that *Entourage * needs a weekly update, but gotta chime in and say that this season has been great.

The “Opening of Aquaman” episode was just kind of standard. The scene from the actual movie was hilarious in it’s clichèness" and I also like the bit “come to this party, just like in Almost Famous”.

The girl telling Turtle, “that was the creepiest turn I’ve ever seen” was funny.

This weeks episode really bumped things up, though. I figured that Vince was just stringing his boys along and at the end of the episode he’d make it all right and say, “hey guys, he just got out of jail and needed a little fun but he’s leaving.”

But it looks like the writers have decided to give the show a little aggro. He’s going to make for some good storylines.

Also, I have little to say about Lucky Louie. I sit there watching it, going, “this SHOULD be funnier than a random episode of ‘Yes, Dear’ but it’s really not”.

This week’s episode with the mugger was a little funnier than the other two, but I don’t feel like it’s hitting its stride or anything.

I’m already sick of the Lucky Louie “Were so poor we have nothing” bullshit. She’s a full time nurse, he works part time and they are nearly desitute? If they lived in a nicer apartment I might buy it as them living a little bit outside their means so their daughter doesn’t have to grow up in a shitty neighborhood. That doesn’t appear to be the case though. It smacks of artificial poor where other shows (Roseanne) have done poor and it seemd real.

I thought the first half of this past episode was funny… but once we get to the part where she doesn’t have her keys… WTF… Who wouldn’t the moment they got their purse back from a mugger make sure nothing was missing? Especially their keys.
I’malready sick of the Dom character on Entourage. I hope he’s gone after the next episode. I do think tis a mistake making Vince such a big star right now. Unless this is the last season. The timeline is also way off. He left to START Aquaman at the end of last season, this season starts with Aquaman opening- That must be at least a year later yet nobody mentions anything that could have happened in that year? (I know that’s the format of the show but previously it made sense, movies like Queens Blvd or Head On probably wouldn’t take more than a few months to do, but AQUAMAN… that’s 6 months of post at the least) AND Ari’s new agency is still a shit box 5 person job? I guess he was a banking on Aquaman before trying to gow but it still seemed strange to me.

Saw two episodes of “Lucky Louie” last weekend. I was watching mainly for Jim Norton (I listen to O&A a lot) and was disappointed that he didn’t get anything to do, really.

I didn’t think it was horrible, but it’s not a great show. Pamela Adlon is the best part, because who knew she could act outside of voiceovers? And that she was attractive?

I don’t like the person of Dom, but I think he’s good for the show.

You can only use “will he or won’t he get the part” as the force driving the drama for so long.

He ought to get the “retards” at each other’s throats a little. Get the cops involved. Get the tabloids involved.

The thing that kinda bothers me about Entourage this season is how much time they’re giving to Ari and his wife’s relationship. I’m sorry, but I don’t give a shit about his kid and his wife and their life - just give me Ari the Agent.

Lucky Louie is perhaps the worst show I’ve ever seen. Nobody can act, nothing is funny. Never has cursing been used for less humor. It’s a dead zone. I keep thinking that there’s some intentional meta-humor going on there, like they’re sending up regular sitcoms. But they’re not - it’s just painfully unfunny. It’s about as pleasant as watching that “Boom goes the dynamite” guy.