Entourage 8/26 (open spoilers)

OK, what I didn’t understand was, why did Anna Faris fire Eric? He was having the little confessional with her and he told her he hated Billy’s script. So? He was having a conflict of interest, but ultimately did the right thing and gave her his honest opinion. Why would she fire him for it? Or was he lying about her firing him? Did he quit out of loyalty to Vince because he couldn’t accommodate both of their interests in that situation? Or will there be some further plot twist with Anna? I wasn’t clear about why that whole thing happened. If she did fire him, it just didn’t really make sense to me.

Also, I know Kevin Dillon got an Emmy nomination for this show, but I have to say, Johnny Drama is so… fucking… annoying. Whenever there’s a subplot about him, my eyes glaze over because it’s boring and rarely contributes anything to the story, really. YMMV.

She fired him because she realized (correctly) that Eric’s first loyalty would always be to Vince and what he wanted to do.

That was my take on it, anyway.

I just figured she fired him because she didn’t like the fact that had a moment of dishonesty.

But, really she just fired him because her guest spot was up and they decided not to make some big drama.

As to Drama. . .I think he’s pretty much the funniest thing on the show. Or at least a close second behind Ari. Everything he does and says cracks me up. His character is consistent. Dillon has perfect timing with some of his lines. He’s be completely obsequious, and then the second he has a bit of “hand”, he lords it over people. He’s the most insecure character I’ve ever seen.

He’s cheap. He’s shameless. Nothing goes right for him. I think its funny that he’s a great cook.