The Office 4/22

This was the first episode to focus mainly on Erin, and I thought it was quite entertaining. Her tantrum at the restaurant (“my hair was my room”) was classic uncomfortable but hilarious office action. And Kevin as cookie monster was brilliant, particularly the way it was turned around on stick-insect-guy at the end.

What did the rest of you think?

Really strong episode. I would have liked less cookie monster and more Erin is f-ing CRAZY. She wasn’t cartoony crazy but actual like real life crazy. She basically behaved like a close friend of mine who is manic depressive. So it was just perfectly uncomfortable and funny like the office should be.

I didn’t care for it much. Why talk to Stick Insect Guy instead of Toby?

Because Toby is useless and Kevin thought that the other guy could actually accomplish something.

I was a bit bored with it. As much as I hate Michael’s behavior, I like the show best when he’s front and center. It was weird to see him behave almost like a normal, thoughtful person this week.

I thought it was a great episode. Erin is developing into a really funny character. That scene in the restaurant was extremely uncomfortable, yet hilarious. Perfect office stuff. I thought Kevin as Cookie Monster might have been a little bit over the top, but the fact that it lead to the new Corporate guy trying to put himself out there and failing so miserably it made it worth it.

Loved it. I noticed it was written by Mindy Kaling. I thought it was one of the most uncomfortable-feeling episodes in a long time and that’s one of my favorite things about The Office. Erin’s hair room. Meredith with the breast pump. Picking on Kevin. Dwight sanitizing his hands to pump Pam’s breasts for her. Lots of moments to cringe.

I agree with everyone. Some randomly bullet-pointed points to bullet:

*Season 1 Dwight. “I was aware of it, but I chose not to water it.” as well as bringing a bushel of beets for Erin.

*Season 1 Michael. Not over-the-top childish antics like we’ve grown to hate, but rather the solidly uncomfortable, unable to relate to others Michael we love to cringe at.

*Accounting Antics. We don’t want to see major dramatics coming from the corner, we want to see minor office shennanigans we can point and laugh at, without Kevin coming across as mentally retarded. This was a strong step in the right direction.

*Corporate Goon. Who doesn’t love to hate a good cardboard depiction of a corporate goon? What better way to flesh out that archetype by stripping away any and all actual power away from him, and have the actor portraying him be skinniest guy casting can find?

One of the better episodes in a long while. Meredith in the bathroom with the pump had me laughing out loud.

“I was just… warming it up!”

Well, Toby turned out to be pretty useful to Jim & Pam.

Nah, only Michael thinks he’s useless. He’s been useful in multiple occasions.

I still think Erin’s adorable. Okay, with a little crazysauce.

“I just like the way it feels!”

That scene at the restaurant made me more uncomfortable than anything Michael has ever done. That shit was waaaaaay too realistic for comfort. Must stop dating crazy chics.

I’ve told a girlfriend of a friend something I shouldn’t have. God, the rest of that night was incredibly awkward.

It was weird that Michael was such an asshole to Erin. I know he was just being childishly petulant because he was stuck doing something he didn’t really want to do, but I don’t know why he was so reluctant to take Erin out in the first place–I would have expected him to be delighted to go. At least it was nice to see him dialing the buffoonery back a notch. Kevin and Dwight too–except for Dwight’s keeling to Mr. Stick Insect and Kevin’s “C is for”…er, I’ve forgotten what the word was.

Again, Meredith gets the biggest laugh of the episode. “We’re both girls! Who cares?” :smiley:

“C is for suspension” IMO was a step towards the retarded thing, also IMHO Kevin’s voice has gotten slower and more retarded sounding over the last few seasons.

I think he was poking fun at the Cookie Monster thing. “C is for cookies,” etc.

Not sure though.

Since when is Erin “too crazy” for Michael? I loved the chemistry between the two of them from earlier this season. It just seemed like sloppy writing for him to suddenly not want to hang out with her. Hanging out with his staff is Michael’s raison d’être.