The Office. 3/11 (Open Spoilers)

A lot happens here. Michael gets yelled at, Daryl gets promoted, Andy get’s intimidated by Erin’s foster brother, and Dwight loses mega-desk.

“…but Mose, same story, DIFFERENT ending!”

I think Andy’s situation is actually interesting.

Yeah - Andy’s plotline was the only interesting one. Well…maybe Dwight pushing Jim’s parental buttons (“want me to stop by so your child can experience a strong male influence?”).

I liked megadesk, but it was a one-show gag.

Michael was terrible. This show would be greatly improved if they went the way of “Garfield minus Garfield”. Does the technology exist?

OMG I’ve never seen G minus G. That is hilarious. It’s so much funnier that way!

I liked Michael when he finally manned up and said “It is late and I am going to dismiss my staff.”

And Jo said “OK then.”

That might have been what the episode was about. I guess I’m hoping Michael will be forced to be a better boss. I can only dream they’re trying to find a device to tone down his crazy antics.

This show is an insult.

Why would Jim feel guilty about going to work for 8 hours, then going home to his wife and new kid? It is not as if he is in another town and sees them only on weekends.

Why would Andy just show up at Erin’s house instead of just calling?

Why would they move Darryl upstairs and he still runs the warehouse?

Why would they ALL stay 3 1/2 hours later than usual? Who are they selling to at that hour or what accounting are they doing that can’t be done tomorrow?

And why wouldn’t she fire that fucking idiot Michael?

And why are their computers always showing the desktop with Dunder Mifflin over it, but never an open program?

Other than that, a wonderful show.

And the last time I will ever watch that piece of shit that should be canceled.

Thank god.

I agree. He was being very professional by that point.

Jim is experiencing the guilt that many parents feel going back to work for the first few days, nothing unusual there.

That is an Andy thing to do, he has a history of being over the top when it comes to relationships, and that was very in character.

Jo was impressed with him, and maybe felt like he deserved some equality in status. And when the company president says move upstairs, you move upstairs.

Is 3.5 hours extra a bit much? Yeah, probably, but if you are just bought out, and the company leadership is in and working, you feel obligated to stay late. No one wants to be viewed as the person who dipped early to go get blasted on St Patty’s day. Workplace politics through and through.

Um, Michael has survived much worse at his own hands, last night was nothing.

Not sure about the DM stuff, most likely the way for the producers of the show to not have to pay a software company for displaying their product.

It is a sitcom for chrissakes…

I didn’t think this was the most entertaining episode ever (although I got a massive laugh out of Jim’s Quaddesk at the very end), but it had one dynamic that I really really liked, which was Jo reacting to Michael the way a real, professional person might. She let him rant a bit and then just said “enough”. And it (more or less) worked. One of the things that’s sometimes been frustrating has been not just that Michael was such a dumbass in some situations, but that people who should have known better have enabled him… such as David Wallace inviting him to the shareholder meeting. Jo actually reacts to him in what seems like a vaguely believable fashion.

On the other hand, Erin having a slightly-too-affectionate brother is a plotline that was already done on Friends, of all places, so I hope that’s dropped quickly. I really like Erin as a character, in general.
It was a bit weird that Packer showed up again after an absence of (according to IMDB) 3 years. I wonder if he’s being set up with Meredith? That could make sense and be interesting.

I’m also hoping to see more of Daryl.

Are they setting Erin’s foster (not adopted or step) bother up as a rival for Andy, or just using him to highlight the age difference and make Andy look old?

Damn. Now how will I know if that week’s episode is unrealistic or not?

Rival. Did you see his hands all over her?

I didn’t understand why Erin being forced to go home meant they couldn’t go out on a date, specially if she felt fine.

Right, or why he had to go home early. Couldn’t they just have arranged for him to pick her up later?

Jaysus Christmas, THANK YOU. I am continually amazed at how many people come into these threads expecting this show to be a damned documentary on modern American offices. Nobody should be taking this show that seriously, for real. People bitch week after week and then show up after watching it again (huh? why?) to bitch again.

I know I’m in the minority but I love Packer. He’s crass, inappropriate, gross, and vile but he is hilarious.

I only watched it once (usually I watch it again the next morning) and I was doing about 30 other things at the same time, so I might have missed a lot of this episode. I know for sure I missed several key lines…but what bits and pieces I did pay attention to left me with a completely different take on the Andy/Erin date.

Erin is sweet and naive- we all know this- so when she was forced to go home she assumed that the date would be canceled as well. Andy is clueless, so he didn’t know that’s what she thought and assumed that the date could still be a possibility, so he showed up at her house. She was surprised, thinking he knew she thought it was off and he was surprised that she didn’t know it was still on.

She didn’t feel fine, though. She really was sick. She was so excited about her date that she was trying to carry on as if things were fine, but Jo was right – she really should have been at home.

He didn’t have to go home early, he wanted to go home early (who wouldn’t?) and pretended to be sick in order to do so. If he’d arranged to meet Erin later it might have been a LOT later, since everyone else was working late that night.

Huh? Where did you get the impression that she was fine? She was clearly struggling to get through the day so that she didn’t have to admit being sick (and thus miss the date).

It was just a little indigestion.