episode 1 leaves theaters

Dang it - I had it in the back of my mind to go see Star Wars one more time before theaters stopped showing it - today I find that there’s only one theater within 100 miles showing it; and it’s 100 miles away. Guess I have to wait. You’d think they would have warned us.

Don’t despair too much. I have heard rumors predicting its Christmas rerelease. And, of course if it sticks to the Star Wars way of doing things, right before the next part comes out, there will be another release. (would that be “rerereleased”?)


Does anyone know how much money it made? and where it ranks all time?

I’ve heard around $470 Million, which places it I think 14th all time in adjusted value, just a hair ahead of Return of the Jedi…

It made $419M domestically putting it at #3 in the all-time US charts. Currently it’s at $704,600,000 world-wide, or #7. Since it’s in the process of being released across the globe, I’m sure we’ll see it move upwards.

Since I know you’ll ask, here’s the current top 6 world-wide:

  1. Titanic, $1,835,300,000
  2. Jurassic Park $919,700,000
  3. Independence Day $810,400,000
  4. Star Wars (1977) $780,000,000
  5. The Lion King $766,700,000
  6. ET the Extraterrestrial $704,800,000

Thanks Guy!
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