Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith

It’s official

Ooh! Neato!

Thanks for sharing this with us!

And only 299 days left til release! Fuck yeah! :smiley:

So was Revenge of the Jedi at one time. You don’t think ol’ Georgie will change this, do you?

Het, this title doesn’t suck! Can there still be hope for the third movie?

Sorry, but no. I fully expect a musical or something.

Anakin uses the Force to travel back in time to impregnate the mothers of Count Dooku, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu. He then spends the rest of the film screaming, “Who’s your daddy? I’m your daddy! Who’s your daddy?”

For another perspective, check out this SDMB thread:

Makes me wonder why Lucas didn’t do more to flesh out the Sith backstory during the first two movies. I’ve not read any of the EU stuff, but from the games and some stuff I’ve read here it seems a bit interesting. Granted, it would have been a bit cheesy to use exposition from elder Jedi and/or flashback sequences to explain the Sith. Still, it could have hardly been worse than the tedious Senate debates or the cringe-inducing romantic bits which made it to the screen.

In fact that was unofficial and got leaked too soon.

A Lucasfilm rep makes the announcement at Comicon in San Diego and has T-Shirts on sale in the lobby five minutes later.

It’s legit.

Mr. Rilch and I were in that audience! Mr. Rilch immediately got on the phone to Boss, telling him, “Go to alt.nerd.obsessive and post this!”

GuanoLad, can you say that a title was “leaked too soon” when they made up promo items for it? I can’t say for sure about the posters, though I have been told that they were printed, but I’ve seen the badges that say “Revenge”.

Lucas might change the name, butsince he did that already I kind of doubt he’ll make that mistake again.

**Rilchiam.**How cool for you two! Did you get any SW souvenirs?

I’m a Star Wars fan who has never bothered with any of th EU stuff. The movies have been enough for me. But vibrotronica’s link mentions a little about the story for Ep.III

Quote from the Star Wars site starts off “After three long years of relentless fighting, the Clone Wars are nearly at an end.”

So now I’m wondering if I should watch the Clone Wars cartoon series. Is this series considered EU? Or do we think that it will prove to be good back-story info for Ep.III? Has anyone here watched any of the cartoon series?

Askia: We got free patches. The t-shirts were $18.75: surprisingly cheap, considering what this particular market would bear. But we were going to dinner with my cousins—our hosts—and couldn’t have waited in a line that stretched almost the entire length of the concourse.

Hmm. Yeah, you’re probably right. I was always under the impression the promotional items weren’t officially released, they were just test runs (as is common with movie advertising) with a temporary title in place (though I am sure it was going to be the actual title until it was changed).

I like it. It’s the best title of the three prequals. I also think that the story has the best dramatic potenital.

<thinking positively>

You sure about that? I remember the local theater showing title cards when I was a kid that said Revenge of the Jedi before movies and they continued to do this even after Lucas had announced that the title was being changed to Return of the Jedi. The story I’ve always heard is that Lucas was going to use Revengeuntil numerous fans pointed out that revenge was against the code of the Jedi, so Lucas slapped Return in the title.

Couldn’t he have chosen a title that lets people talk about the film without spraying saliva at each other?

Try saying it in your best Daffy Duck voice.

‘Duck Dodgers, in… Revenge of the Sith!’