Revenge of the SIth

Good news, it’s official the title of Star Wars Episode III is “Revenge of the Sith”.

Don’t know much else about it yet , but can’t wait for May 2005.

Anyone got any plot spoilers (besides the obvious fight with Obi Wan forcing Anakin to become Vader)

Great big huge spoiler here, namely the whole plot summarised. Not sure about his sources though:

I thought this was confirmed months ago?

I was hoping they were gonna call it “The Empire Strikes First.”

I kinda figured it was official when I saw it in the trailer.

Thank goodness. In the font which displays your thread title, I thought it looks like “Revenge of the Slth”. I though you’d left out an “o” and it was going to be “Revenge of the Sloth”. That one would have been slow developing.

Sorry if my post was late, here in the uk we have not yet had the trailers as we tend to be a few months behind America with the latest Hollywood releases.

I was kinda hoping for

Episode III: Sith Smackdown