Epstein Suicide

This just in

NY Times

So he hung himself. That is probably to the relief of dozens of very rich and powerful men.

I’m surprised there are pedophiles who do not choose suicide when caught.

Which makes you wonder if he had some help.

If he needed help, he probably got it.

Trump had him silenced.

Hey, if people believe Clinton had Seth Rich killed to shut him up, why not introduce a new CT? :stuck_out_tongue:

So he dies and is now officially innocent of all charges, right? I mean, as far as the law is concerned.


Is that how the law works? Shouldn’t the investigation continue into his customers?

Hey, wasn’t he supposed to be on suicide watch? Don’t they take away stuff like belts and shoelaces that can be used to self-harm in those cases?

One does wonder if he had “help”…

At least one Trump staffer has already blamed Hillary.

My immediate knee jerk reaction to hearing he killed himself was “no chance he killed himself. That’s just what it looks like”

I may have watched too many movies.
But he did have dirt on people who absolutely could have had this done.

I assume someone watched him do it.

Nice spin-job, doctor.

Prince Philip’s assassins strike again.

Right. They didn’t say that they had him on suicide stop.

America’s most high profile prisoner - a guy who may very well have had serious dirt on any number of rich and powerful figures - offs himself while on suicide watch a week after a failed attempt?

Nah. Nuh-uh. I’m not a conspiracy minded guy, but I’m going to need to see some serious evidence that the motherfucker wasn’t “helped”.

I’m seeing a FB meme posted by a (former?) Doper that says Clinton had him killed. A far-left friend says Clinton did it. To what end? How does that make sense? Trump is the one who benefits from Epstein’s death.

Epstein may have had ties to intelligence agencies too (maybe they were using his blackmail abilities for their own purposes).

If so I’m sure they’d know how to get a prison guard to ‘let’ epstein kill himself using carrots and sticks.

I won’t be surprised if the cctv camera stopped working too.

Except I think he used a sheet or something.

I shared this comment with my son and he used it in a youtube comment. He’s quite excited about the number of likes and LOLs he’s getting in response. I told him to send you a screenshot of half the likes as compensation; it seems only fair.