Er 10/30

Admittedly, I am not really watching this anymore. However I did have it on tonight and caught the previews that in two weeks Dr. Mark Greene will be back! I don’t know how they pull that off but I think I will be watching that episode.

I’m guessing dream sequence or flashback. Possibly speculation about how things would be going if Mark had lived and he and Lizzie had stayed at County.

I wasn’t really paying attention, but I thought I heard someone say something about Dr. Corday agreeing to do Grand Rounds.

Also, I gave up watching on any regular basis back when they were in Darfur–what the fuck happened to Rock Jock’s legs?

I missed that episode and some others around that time. I heard he was in an accident, car or motorcycle or fell onto the train tracks or something like that. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a helicopter that time.

It was during the whole Ray/Neela/Gates triangle. Ray got really drunk because he thought Neela might choose Gates over him. He wandered into a street in the middle of the night and got hit by a truck.

No, it was some doctor I’ve never heard of – it sounded like an Egyptian name to me. We had the subtitles on because we have trouble understanding the lines sometimes. And Greene’s going to be in flashbacks – don’t know the context.