ER: Dr. Mark just died, and I'm crying like a baby.

So, what did everyone think of this episode? I just cried for the last twenty minutes straight. I’ve been watching ER since the very first episode, but this was by far the saddest show I’ve seen. I cried a bit when Doug left; I cried even more when Nurse Hathaway left with the twins and they played “Taking You Home” as she walked up to Doug on the pier. I cried when Lucy died, when Mark was attacked, and I really sobbed when Susan left just as Mark called, “I love you!”

But this show takes the cake. It was too, too much. Especially when they played Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World,” which is one of my favorite songs ever. The balloon at the end guaranteed that my tears would spill over into the scenes from next week’s episode.

Did anyone love it like I did? Was it a fitting tribute? What did you think?

I loved it! I, too, have watched it from the beginning. Only I didn’t cry when Doug left. I didn’t cry when Hathaway left. I didn’t shed a tear when Susan got on the train. But I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing tonight. WOW. That was some powerful stuff. It was really well done. The only tears I have shed during ER before now have been when Mark’s Dad died, during "Love’s Labor Lost, and when some guy told his little girl goodbye.

I think the lack of theatrics and the subtle use of music and imagery made this a first class “death” episode. I am still drying my eyes.

I was completely torn up right before he died, when he was talking to his daughter for the last time.
Great send-off, but I thought that last balloon bit was just a bit…predictable? I don’t know, I was already all emotional and it just fell flat there.
I’d heard that Clooney was going to make a cameo at the funeral a while back, but I’m not really surprised that he didn’t make it. I don’t really care either. Mark Greene was by far my favorite character. I’m going to really miss that guy!
Catch the preview of next week’s show? Smallpox? ACK!

Hands tissue to Sara.
Thank goodness I have a whole box, but theres not much left.

I too cried like a baby, and I hate crying.
I’ve watched the show from the start, cried at everything you have, and more I’m sure.
I’m sad to see Anthony Edwards go, he was always the “Glue” for the show, and IMO Carter isn’t cutting it.

As much as I knew it was going to happen this episode, I cried from the point of him holding Ella to the end.


When he was dying and he could ‘see’ Rachel and Ki (SP?) and Lizzie and Ella, I knew he was dying, and it killed me, really.

I do have to say that Doug and Carol should have been there, they were all close. Closer than say he and Abby.

But overall, wonderfully done. Quiet, reflection. If I were dying, I might do the same.


That’s what I was thinking. I mean, you’d think Clooney and Margulies could clear their busy schedules (well, only in Clooney’s case) for an hour to shoot one measly scene to send off Mark. I didn’t cry, but I’ve only cried once before for a movie or TV show (Shawshank Redemption). Still, my eyes watered a little and I got that half-crying, half-sneezing feeling.

I bet Carter can carry the show. Look at him the first season and look at him now. He’s progressed a great deal and it shows that Noah Wyle has range. Mekhi Pfeiffer’s character’s gonna be the next “Carter” but his not-so-sunny disposition reminds me more of Benton in his earlier years in the ER.

And I’m still waiting for the stock Guinistasia “Noah Wyle is SOOOO hot” post. Where are you, Guin?

This episode really hit close to home because I watched my grandpa slowly die of cancer this past year. My aunt also went through a slow death, although I wasn’t there to see it like I was with my grandpa. My mom watched them both die, so when she called me after the show, I could tell she had been crying.

I didn’t cry during the show, but once my mom and I started talking about this past year, I kinda lost it too.

So I guess it was a combo of my RL, the show and my mom calling that made me choke up - if you took one of those three out of the mix I probably wouldn’t have.

Excellent show, though. The writer’s use of the word “Shit” when Mark fell was perfect. I use that word probably a dozen times a day without thinking about it, and usually when I catch a profanity on network TV I’m like “Whoa! Can they say that?” But here it just seemed the right thing for him to say.

Wow, such a powerful episode tonight. I caught it from about 15 minutes into the episode (I had fallen asleep earlier!), so I missed Mark and Rachel heading to Hawaii.

I too cried for the last half hour, on and off. I have to admit, I just wanted to shake Rachel for the way she was treating her dad, although I realized that it was her way of dealing with his illness and imminent death. Mark was in such pain; I’m glad that Rachel was the last person he interacted with before passing–she finally allowed him to share with her. I think I really felt more relief than actual grief (as odd as that may sound for a character on a television show) at Mark’s death, though. He really was suffering so much! But imo he was right to take what he knew were his last days and be in a place that he was comfortable in, being as comfortable as he could be, rather than continue with medical intervention and treatment. I don’t mean to sound cold or cruel, but I could completely understand his point of view.

I will truly miss Mark Green!


Warning: This shall be my most pointless post of all time.

Anyone else notice that Mark’s letter was hanging up on the bulletin board in the E.R. during his imagined last walkthrough?

All I can say is that I’m completely wrecked, just wrecked.

Beautifully (and very believably) done.

I’m toast.

I can’t believe I went out to dinner and missed this episode.

<bangs head against table over and over>


Um. Any chance someone could change the thread title? See, I don’t think we’ve had the episode here and a spoiler warning might’ve been nice.

Well, it’s no secret that Mark died, he dies last week and NBC has been promoting watching him die all week “Say goodbye to Dr. Greene” … it’s not like he’s going on a trip, he’s had a brain tumor for two years.

Oh. Sorry, I hadn’t been paying attention. Ignore my previous post.

Good episode, good finale for a great character. I thought the balloon bit at the end was a bit much, but that’s just me.

It would have been nice to have Doug and Carol at the funeral, but I think it added to the realism to not have them there. They are supposed to be in Seattle now. It was a nice touch to have Dr. Benton, Wild Willie, Dr. Ansbaugh, and some of the others there. Just like real life funerals, you’re a little surprised at who is there and who isn’t.

HOw long have they been in Seattle? Would you attend the funeral of a co-worker from 4 or 5 years ago who lived in another part of the country? How many other doctors and nurses came and went through the ER? I’m glad they weren’t there because it would have been a distraction.

And for those of us who aren’t* in America?

I too sobbed. It was probably the most moving television experience for me. He didn’t just leave the show, he died. Died…

I agree the balloon at the end was too predictable. However it allowed me to gain some emotional composure. Like seeing Jen’s puss.

[qoute]Originally posted by Francesca
And for those of us who aren’t in America?

You mean there’s life outside America?

And to FallenAngel, don’t feel bad. I totally wanted to watch it but I’ve had a stressful week and forgot. Me and the missus got drunk and watched “Dude, Where’s my Car” instead.

Don’t I feel like a louse.

I hope nobody tells her we missed it, she’ll get upset.

Dialing up Acrylic Vessel as I type, cackling evilly.

I did not watch. On purpose. I watched Friends and then turned to the Net game. I’ve said this before, ER has gotten too sad for me. It’s filled with wonderful characters who I care about and nothing good ever, ever happens to any of them.

Maybe next season we can have some joy mixed in with all that anguish.

Yeah, I wanted to bitch-slap her quite a few times. I wish I had had a dad like Dr. Mark, so it was really sad for me to see her take him for granted (until the very end).

The part about the letters really shook me up, too. I mean, Rachel has memories of him, but poor Ella will never know him.

As far as my thread title, they announced he died last week, so I didn’t think it was a huge deal for fans of the show. As someone else said, he’s had brain cancer for two years, so it’s not like his death was a huge shock. But I am sorry if I messed it up for anyone.

Anyway, I’m glad I’m not the only one who sobbed over this show. My eyes were all puffy when I awoke this morning, and I couldn’t believe I cried that much over a tv character.