Eric Roberts' Career

Look at his listing from the IMDB

Assuming that’s accurate, what does he do like one line in each production or something?

He works constantly, takes pretty much any job offered and most acting jobs only involve days or a few weeks of filming, so he can do multiple projects at the same time.

He is a supporting player in the vast majority of the shows and movies, so there’s a decent chance that he only works a few days on anything. He’s been at it for over 30 years.

He’s also a music video master thespian. :smiley:

Those aren’t exactly big-studio, big-name, big-budget films. Looks to be almost entirely straight-to-cable/video dreck, probably all filmed in the same town/area, possibly even on the same sets.

Thanks I was just really wondering how accurate it was.

“CHAWWLIEEEE dey took ma fuckin thumb Charlie!!!”

But still, forty-six separate credits in 2013 is an impressive number.

And yet somehow in my head he is known only as “that guy who isn’t James Remar”.

The Pope of Greenwich Village. Great movie and great acting by Roberts and Mickey Rourke.

Yup. That’s the movie I ‘discovered’ Rourke. I was like, “WOW who is this guy!?” Roberts, I must admit is an acquired taste and when I watch it with people I kind of have to sell him to the other viewers.

Still one of the best scenes in cinema.

Remember that all those credits are for when those movies were released - there is a near certainty that the filming of those go back a few years.

For awhile, Steven Seagal was putting out 4-5 movies a year, all to DVD. The production was crap and he wasn’t even available for all the required filming and ADR. You’d frequently see another actor doubling him and not only in stunts. They had to use imitators for voice over work and it was always obvious.

I hope Eric Roberts at least performs all required duties on all the movies he’s in. It may have seemed like a decline for Seagal to go to DVD only movies, but to see some of them released without him actually showing up and finishing them is even worse. You can’t help but feel for the production companies.

Here is a 20 minute review of onefrom 2011 when Matthew Buck did Seagal month. In each review, he analyzed how much of the movie Seagal was actually there for and he points out shots and voice-overs that are not him. It’s sad…and yet very funny.

He was on ‘Justified’ last night:cool:

He also was extremely impressive on ‘Justified’ last night. :cool:

I think Eric Roberts is one of the more gorgeous living actors, even at 58. I think he is sexy as hell.

Mickey Rourke used to be, before he sadly had himself turned into Bizzaro-Man.

Eric Roberts basically takes whatever is offered to him.
He probably makes a few million or so a year and he works almost constantly.
If I could pull down a $2-3 mil per year for a few days (or months) worth of work, I’d run (not walk) to the head of that line.

Basically, he’s a graduate of the Lance Henriksen/Michael Ironside/Brad Dourif School of In Demand C-list Actors.

That, he is! I bought “King of the Gypsies” simply because he was SO F’ing gorgeous. That little ice skating scene with the non-Gypsy girlfriend? :wink:

That, he is! I bought “King of the Gypsies” simply because he was SO F’ing gorgeous. That little ice skating scene with the non-Gypsy girlfriend? :wink:

And “Runaway Train” with him and John Voight (forgot Tha Girl’s name) is one of my favorite movies.