Eric Roberts: The Hardest Working (name) Actor in America

I qualified it simply because there may certainly be some Bollywood star churning 'em out faster, and there may be extra-level actors that are doing so. But among recognizable names that are billed above or perhaps just below the title… no one else comes close as far as I can think of.

According to IMDB, Roberts’ total actor credits stand at 338.

More astonishing is that 258 of them have been since 2000. An average of 18.42 films per year. (Okay, a handful of the credits are series episodes. A handful.)

But even MORE amazing is that 58…FIFTY EIGHT of the credits are for THIS YEAR. Seven are for next year, and he’s even got a listing for 2018!

And he’s not addicted to coke anymore? Riiiight…

So, anyone else even in the running?

Too bad that almost every script he gets sucks donkey balls… because he’s actually very talented. And still crazy sexy gorgeous.

Of course he gets lots of jobs - he’s basically a day laborer. Comes in, reads his lines, hits his marks, and moves on to the next flick.