Why don't Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts speak?

I have read in magazines, and on the boards that Julia Roberts and her brother Eric Roberts are estranged.

How is it that they don’t talk, but Julie is ver close with her neice (his daughter)?

Also, what is the feud, or problem even about. Has THAT ever been discussed?

Hope I haven’t missed something obvious. haha I did a search, and found mention of the issue, but with out really explaining what it’s all about.

Oh for Pete’s sake. It looks like a third grader typed that post.

Julie = Julia

ver = very

Sorry for my horrible post!!!

He’s jealous that she makes 50 times as much as he does per movie?

I heard it had something to do with how he treated an ex (I know he dated Piper Laurie for a loooong time…go figure).

Her pretty. Him ugly.

I read in people magazine/entertainment weekly/US/whatever that he was shitty to his daughter and her mother when Emma was first born and that Julia bought Emma and her mother a home and supported them and essentially picked up Eric’s slack. Other stuff: Eric and Julia have very differing opinions on their parents. Eric hates mom, Julia loves her.

I don’t even like Julia Roberts and I know this. :smack:

It all goes back to a tragic childhood incident involving watermelon, a wheelbarrow, a minister, and a yak. Sadly, neither of them has spoken since.

You fogot about the Pope’s involvement in that whole mess.

Him ugly?

Her pretty?

Hi-Ho Silver!

He’s totally fuckable. And a good actor. Anyone see him in Raggedy Man, with Sissy Spacek? I love that movie.

He has also had some well publicized battles with drugs and alcohol. She is more clean living.

WAG: She would rather not talk about the fact the he continued to use his influence to get her jobs after she was such a nightmare for directors in early films such as Mystic Pizza.

Why should they?

Lots of siblings are not particularly close.

I have an older brother and we talk about once a week.
My younger brother and I only call each other at Christmas and on birthdays.

Just because you are brother and sister doesn’t mean you have to get all kissy kissy Angelina Jolie on each other.

By the way, I don’t think Warren Beatty and Shirley McClaine are all that close. Liza Minnelli and Lorna Luft are certainly not buddy-buddy. And I think the Jackson 5 family has had a few tiffs over the years as well…

I think this is beyond “tiff”. Way beyond.

Both of them seem to have inherited genes that make them somewhat attractive and butt ugly at the same time…thank the Lord they were never welded with Lyle Lovett’s DNA!

Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine are all that close. The love he has for his older sister is evident whenever he has spoken of her.

Hell yeah. I don’t talk to my older sister even that often.

But if Eric really is a deadbeat dad, can you blame Julia for not wanting to talk to him?

It breaks my heart that those Roberts kids aren’t speaking to each other.

Only 50? :wink: