Erotic drug store novels, anyone?

I remember this from [sup]1[/sup]drug stores in the late 60s and early 70s–there was a [sup]2[/sup]book rack in the drug store somewhere which, among other things, carried rather risque erotic novels. This sort of thing is mentioned briefly in Gordon Lightfoot’s If You Could Read My Mind, and I saw a reference to it in an episode of [sup]3[/sup]“The Munsters.” Whatever happened to them?

[sup]1[/sup] Not the big chain types. I’m referring to the old-timey, locally-owned drug store, that typically had a short order grill.
[sup]2[/sup] I don’t know the exact term, but the free-standing kind, that you’d spin around as you browsed.
[sup]3[/sup] Episode “All-Star Munster,” in which Pop Mallory, aptly portrayed by Pat “Mr Haney” Buttram takes his son “Moose Mallory” to college because he’s going to play basketball. In one scene, Mr Haney (oops, Pop Mallory shields his slow-witted son’s eyes from the rack) saying how shameful it is.

I saw the thread title and all I could do was wonder where the hell you lived that had erotic drugstores!

The types of novels you’re refering to are (or were) sold in adult bookstores in packages of three for about $5.

So I hear.

The Mom & Pop drugstore in the town I grew up in didn’t have them, but the newstand around the corner did.