Ersatz Erotica

You know going in that there will be a fixed fee. If you expect to have a pleasurable experience based in large part on a substantial measure of personal attention, don’t even risk appearing to be a member of the short arm deep pocket crowd.

Talk should not be necessary other than a few brief words up front.

After positioning yourself to the greatest advantage, you feel the first slight shiver as she strokes you. Your arms are away from your sides and she knows how to move her body against them with just the right pressure.

You close your eyes as she busys herself with your needs. She begins a practiced yet soft and soothing recitation. Your thoughts begin to drift as you concentrate on each new spot she touches. The degree of relaxation and excitement reaches a pleasant yet edgy balance.

First she’s beside you, then in front, next thing you know you’re nestled back against her torso as her slight undulations massage you just as had been hoped.

Your state of arousal is high. You wonder if she has been giving you your moneys worth. For the first time in fifteen minutes you straighten up and open your eyes. In the mirror you catch your first glimpse. You gasp inaudibly. She has succeeded where others have failed.

It’s the perfect haircut.

A nominal fee with generous gratuity changes hands.

As you reach the door you notice the nearly imperceptible wet spot. You turn for one last smile. She knows she has done her job.

[sub]don’t tell me that there are no more bargains to be had[/sub]

I LOVE getting an haircut. Not quite for this reason, but none the less, it’s a wonderful experience. I schedule my haircuts for a Friday afternoon. By then, the week will have worn me down. I’m tired and just need some attention paid to me. (FTR [TMI?] I absolutely love it one someone pays attention to minute details of me, haircuts, manicure, toe-jam removal, I don’t care.)

My favorite part is getting my hair washed. Wendy washes my hair twice, then massages in conditioner. I have fallen asleep in the chair at the washing station. Bliss.

For some reason, I only get about 4 haircuts a year. I guess I’ll have to start “getting some” more often. It’s actually kinda cool. I can be caressed by another woman and Mrs. Spritle doesnt’ mind. In fact, she often suggests it for me!

My name is Jeff.

I don’t go to hair salons.

I go to men’s barber shops.

Form your own conclusions. :smiley: