Escargots, rib-eye steak, sliced tomatoes

So, I reserved some of the sauce (tomatoes, onions, peppers, spices) and made a spicy frittata for breakfast. Served with Fresh Slice IPA and espresso to celebrate the clockturningbackthing.

Last night’s dinner was a homemade chicken pot pie: I was feeling ambitious. (Disclaimer: the crust was store made.) Reasonably healthy, and goo-oood!

Tonight will be either baked potatoes (it’s chilly so a good excuse to warm up the whole oven) or butternut squash soup. In fact, I have some ground beef that needs eatin’ and was just poking around the Internet before wandering over here; the 'Net informs me that beef chili with squash and/or other sweeter vegetables is a known thing, so I might try playing with that. Ideas?

Hamburger steak with brown gravy and caramelized onions, rice, garlic bread, grapes and assorted raw veggies (not salad, just crunchies). Cold herbal tea, my Ren-blend. (Dessert will be from the remnants of Halloween candy that didn’t get distributed. :D)

Tonight: Had some steak leftover from the steak ,so I reheated it. There was cream leftover from the escargots, so I put it into a pan with frozen spinach (I had to add some milk, too) and cubed up some feta to put in. And I sliced up the other tomato.

Chunky tomato basil soup I made myself. Tomatoes, carrots, celery, garlic, corn, broth, basil I dried myself.

‘Tain’t nuthin’ but a thang (::slides thumb and first two fingers down the brim of an IMPOSSIBLY COOL purple velvet fedora:: )

(But seriously, escargot? My cap to you is doffed, and no mistake.)

Last night’s was my award-winning black bean chili, made with my own blend of seasonings and topped with aged white cheddar and sour cream.

Am now working on baked spare ribs and a selection of artisan sausages.

I’ve got bacon burgers ready to go for chili size, too. My cooking for the rest of the week is done!

“German food” - a casserole of potatoes, smoked sausage, bacon, apples and sauerkraut.

Tonight it will be beef stroganoff.

Red and green pepper
Ground spicy Italian sausage
Can of kidney beans
Can of black beans
Two cans of seasoned diced tomatoes
Chili spice
Cayenne pepper spice
Miscellaneous spices

Hot Italian chili!

Where do you live that you’re able to get tomatoes this late in the year?

Escargots are simple. Blanch them in salted water (or broth or wine or cognac, and you could add seasonings, herbs, etc) and then stuff them in the escargot plates. Then mash butter into pressed garlic and finely chopped parsley and spread over the snails. Top with breadcrumbs and bake at 400 for 10-15 mins.

I am going to make them next weekend :smiley:

I assume you’re talking here of the fresh, not canned, variety? :dubious:

Neighbor had an impromptu cookout last night so dinner was grilled chicken and non-oven-baked potatoes. (Leftovers = today’s lunch! :slight_smile: ) But I started the chili - roasted the squash and onion, and browned half the ground beef; the other half is destined for Taco Night sometime soon. Licking the spoon for the veggies and ground beef, I’m thinking, this chili is going to be good! Planning to simmer the beef and squash with some canned chopped tomatoes and a bay leaf, and I guess some beans. The half-started chili is in the fridge, so I guess it can wait a couple of days – maybe we’ll do Taco Night tonight since that portion of the ground beef is still raw.

Decisions, decisions! :smiley:

Don’t think I’ve ever heard of putting squash in chili before. In what ratio to the other ingredients?

I think I tried making Italian-style chili once a long, long time ago, but it just ended up tasting like spaghetti sauce. :frowning:

You know what’s really good? Venison chili, very authentic Great Plains stuff! I need to buy a meat grinder so I can make that again; I want to try buffalo chili as well.

(Yes, I know I can just use chunks of meat, but I want to grind them anyway.)

I do mine differently, but they’re simple.

Open the can of snails. Rinse the snails and soak them in cold water for at least five minutes to get the ‘tin’ taste out. Melt ¾ stick of butter in a pan. (This is one of the few things I use salted for. Use unsalted if you want.) Add three or four cloves of finely-chopped garlic. (I like a lot of garlic, personally.) Add the snails and a dozen small mushroom caps (with the stems removed) and sauté for about five minutes or so. meanwhile, whisk together two tbsp. flour, 1/3 cup cream, 1/3 cup white wine (I have a bottle of sherry), ¼ tsp dried tarragon (or more, to taste), and some pepper. When the snails are heated and the mushroom caps are getting tender, add the sauce and simmer until it thickens a little. Put a mushroom cap, cavity upwards, into each pocket of your escargots dish (or small baking dish). Top each one with a snail and sauce. Sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese, and put into a 350°F oven for 10 minutes or so.

The bread crumbs sound nice. I’ll have to do that next time.

Canned like these. Fresh snails require a whole lot of pre-processing before you can eat them (from what I’ve read).

Aha! I did not know that. :smack:

I use the canned variety too; it just never occurred to me to blanch them. Something to look forward to at Christmas dinner…

CORRECTION: Something else popped into my head when I was typing my last. It’s only one tablespoon of flour. :smack:

(I suppose you could make a double batch. I certainly wouldn’t mind! Hm… Maybe I should get another snail dish…)

Oh, yeah. The best chili I ever had was made with elk.

terentii, Thank you! I have a deer tenderloin in the freezer and I think I now know what it is fated to be! Chili! Or sliced and served the next time we do raclette (think fondue but with a hot stone instead of oil or broth). Ok, maybe I have to think on this a bit more.

Cheese fondue tonight though, with sourdough bread, cherry tomatoes, and maybe some broccoli. I also like the apples idea!